Organic Lawn Care Resources

by Nate on June 3, 2011

Organic Lawn Care Resources

Upon going to Home Depot to pick up some bags for our gardening video blog, I discovered that this store didn’t carry a single organic lawn fertilizer.  Curiosity piqued, I searched online for organic fertilizer on the Home Depot website.  A couple random garden fertilizers came up but were only two that were labeled organic.  Ellen suspects, since all the Home Depots in Ontario carry organic fertilizers, that the fertilizer and pesticide industry might be putting pressure on Home Depots in the US.  She might be onto something because the web results for Lowe’s were surprisingly similar.  Anyway if you would like greater variety in your organic lawn care needs (or if you even wanted to hire someone) I’ve compiled a list of stores and products which a wider range of selections than the promising choice between Scott’s Organics or Converted Organics.  And hey, while you’re at it why not tell them that LEAH sent you?




Organic Soil Amendments (Fertilizers, Compost, etc)


Coast of Maine Organic Products

Sells organic compost made up of ingredients that you would typically find on a dinner plate.  Example: Blueberry, Mussel, and Salmon Compost with Sphagnum Peat.

Phone: 1-800-345-9315


McEnroe Organic Farms

A Hudson Valley, New York based company that sells everything from organic meats to soil and composting.  They also provide educational tours of their farm



Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care

A leading provider for the organic lawn care industry that also sells products directly to the consumer.  Their six-step lawn care process provides everything from natural growth supplements to organic weed killers.




Purely Organic Lawn Care

A York Harbor, Maine based company that offers both organic lawn care and organic wholesale products

(877) 94-ORGANIC


North Country Organics

Manufactures natural fertilizers, soil amendments and environmentally compatible pest controls

(802) 222-4277



Lawn Care and Turf Management

(Boston Metro Area)

Pure Lawns

A Newton, Massachusetts based company that specializes in organic lawn care, serving the Boston metro area.

(617) 276-7877


Organic Soil Solutions

An organic lawn care service based in Massachusetts that serves over 70 towns and cities.  Based right in Needham. See their site for details



(Western Massachusetts and Connecticut)

Harrington Lawn Care

An organic landscaping company that not only provides turf management, but also maintains their very own soil lab.

(860) 243-8733


Tree Frog Landscapes

A Northampton, MA based company that works with professors, engineers and architects and approaches landscaping through a more holistic lens.  Expertise in Permaculture and Medicinal herbs.  Builds patios, stone walkways, roof gardens, ponds etc.

(413) 586-8735


(Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts)

Javier Organic Landscaper

Javier Gil has been a landscaper for seven years having switched to organics around 2006/2007.  He is an expert with compost tea.



Stone Blossom Landscape

New Hampshire’s Organic Land Care and Landscape Construction professionals.  Britt Phillips is like a ray of sunshine.  She has recently expanded her fine gardening business to include great lawn care in the Bow area.



(Greater New England Area)

The Green Smile

An organic landscaper that services all of NH, MA and southern Vermont.  They offer a zero emission service where they will come to your house on a bike with a custom trailer.



Osborne Organics

Chip Osborne, one of the original organic lawn care pioneers also known as the guru of turf management, has one of the oldest organic lawn care businesses in New England.  Chip has trained

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