North Carolina Termite Control | 4 Easy Tips

by on September 28, 2011

North Carolina Termite Control | 4 Easy Tips

North Carolina Termite Pest Control

Termites will affect you where it hurts most- your home’s foundation and your check book. Below are some great tips on North Carolina Termite Control.

Termite Baiting

One of the options you have for a do-it-yourself termite control product is to use termite bait. Termite baiting can be effective in a couple ways: It can kill the termite instantaneously by attracting it chemically and poisoning it; the other way bait works is the baited termite takes back the poison to the colony and effectively spreading the poison. As soon as other termites eat it, they die from the poison. This is usually a great method since it functions to terminate the complete colony.


Termite Insecticides

Do-it-yourself termite control products are also available as insecticides. Termite extermination requires the colony to be sprayed in addition to the actual pests. They kill the termites on contact; while effective, it is essential to investigate the product. It can be difficult for anyone to locate the colony, and unless you do so, these products do not work in total.

Repellent Barriers

You will also find a variety of do-it-yourself termite control barrier products. These products are sprayed or dropped around the edging of the home, creating a barrier to keep the termites from getting into your home. Termites can meander through any small gap making this solution sometimes impractical. The effectiveness of these products depends on the comprehensive application on the vulnerable entry points in your home.


Termite control products like Dominion 2L, for example, are non-repellants; the termites cannot see it, taste it or smell it. The termite will travel back to its colony with the pesticide attached to it. From there, it kills the entire colony effectively. Home-based termite control methods are not always as thorough as professional exterminator services. If you locate a product that you wish to use, use it according to the directions provided. The termites will always be present unless the complete colony is destroyed. Protect your home from a termite invasion and free your mind! 

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