Naturally Safe for Humans and Pets With Pet Safe Lawn Care Products

by Nate on August 11, 2011

Naturally Safe for Humans and Pets With Pet Safe Lawn Care Products

Pet owners are rightfully worried about spraying their lawns with any number of toxic chemicals which can pose significant health risks for not only their pets but family members as well. However, there is actually very little reason to be worried at all as you will find out. There is only a small chance that improper pesticide or herbicide application will pose a health risk, and that small chance is entirely negated with proper application. With proper usage, all lawn care products are pet safe, although you can purchase specifically natural pet safe lawn care products. Either way, you’ll be protecting your pets which can be like family to you.

Proper Application and Pet Safe

As previously mentioned, commercial lawn care products are almost entirely safe when applied correctly. The problem really arises under two conditions. Firstly, volatile chemicals can release toxic gases over time, and many pesticides and herbicides include volatile chemicals for their sheer strength. Fortunately, liquid pet safe lawn care products allow you to specifically target problem areas in your yard, so you aren’t forced to spray the entire thing, severely reducing the amount of chemicals that you need to use in the first place. Also, proper application will only use a small amount of chemicals in a given area, so the pet safe lawn care products won’t be concentrated enough to release enough toxic fumes to harm humans or pets. The second risk comes from spraying toys like tennis balls. Lawn care products sprayed on toys can remain toxic for weeks, so you’ll want to remove any toys from the yard before spraying.

If you want the marketed pet safe lawn care products, then there are a number of substances which still get the job done without any harmful side effects. Naturally occurring bacteria can be implanted into your yard. For example, beneficial nematodes attack insect larvae by injecting them with toxins, and then they eat the dead larvae. When all the larvae are consumed, the nematodes die off themselves, so you are left with absolutely no harmful substances in your lawn. Your job is completely done, and you don’t need to dirty your hands at all.

You can also use essential oils derived from garlic, citrus oil, and pepper extracts to combat many problems facing your lawn. Completely natural and completely safe, you won’t need to worry about any harmful side effects from these products. Remember: with proper application and keeping toys out of the way, all lawn care products are safe to use with pets around. However, the only surefire way to protect your pets is to purchase pet safe lawn care products, so any mistakes on your part won’t make you or your pets sick.

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