Low Cost Alternatives to Lawn Grasses

by Nate on January 20, 2011

Low Cost Alternatives to Lawn Grasses

“Avid gardeners would definitely make most of their resources to give their garden a perfect treat! One of the most given priority to is the lawn, that’s why a lot of Florida landscaping services, tree trimming Florida, and Florida lawn mowing are there to the rescue.

How wonderful a garden is with a healthy lawn and blooming flowers? But–lawn services FL and maintenance requires large amount of budget to be able to achieve an overall appeal to your garden. Florida landscape service is labor extensive and costly. If you don’t want to get headache out of these expensive and tedious landscape services, here are some ideas that will save you from overspending.

Having lawn grasses in your yard is over used. A growing concern has been brought out by landscapers to abolish the use of lawn grass. Issues revolving around this concern are the pollution caused by lawn mowing or maintenance such as pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. In response to alarming environmental effects of lawn grass and mowing, immediate replacement to lawn grass was introduced.

Do you know that there are some alternatives to lawn grasses that are cost efficient and unique?

First alternative is the use of ornamental grass. This grass is functional for it forms a uniform surface on which to walk when we’re out in the yard. They are used primarily to beautify landscape design, often complement with flowers, shrubs, and trees. Ornamental grasses are also used to fill planting beds, creating diversity in terms of form and texture. Ornamental grasses include purple fountain grass, yellow pampas grass, Mexican feather grass and blue oat grass.

Using mulch and ornamental grass as an alternative to lawn grass would reduce yard maintenance requirements. But, this can’t be possible to large lands and can be only applied to small plots of land. By sticking to this option, imagine how much you could save from mowing and landscape maintenance.

Another option would be replacing clover instead of lawn grass. Since 1950s, clover has been included in lawn seed mixes. It may be considered an “attractive, low-maintenance ground cover that is soft to walk on, mows well and will fill in thin spots in a yard.”

Clover is also regarded as more advantageous than using lawn grass. Clovers can attract honeybees, and they don’t need mowing as often as lawn grass does. Clover produces out a mildly attractive flower, that draws bees and other beneficial insects to your landscape. You can also save from fertilizer by clover’s natural nitrogen-fixing bacteria living in nodes along the roots — all at no cost to you, in terms either of money or of maintenance.

Third option is the xericape landscaping. Xeriscape landscaping is the grouping of plants with similar watering requirements together on the landscape for more efficient watering.

The purpose of xeriscape landscaping is to eliminate turf grass. This not actually removing the lawn but the process is switching to types of lawn grass that demand less water. The advantage brought about by xeriscape landscaping is reducing the threat of drought.

Through xeriscape, you don’t need to watch your lawn die helplessly each summer, and you don’t need to spend money for the irrigation system. Also, if you don’t have spacious lawn, you can utilize your lawn space by grouping plants that can be incorporated into a xeriscape landscape design. “

Andrew Beene is a web copywriter associated with the company offering Florida landscaping services.

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