Lawn Care: Why It Matters

by Nate on November 23, 2010

Lawn Care: Why It Matters

Many people, upon hearing that there are actually companies whose business revolves around lawn care entirely get astonished. The astonishment is not to do with the lawn care service provider companies as such, but rather with the idea that people are actually willing to spend large sums of money that are large enough to keep a company in business on the care of their lawns. It seems strange, and it is quite easy to empathize with their wonderment; because truth be told, lawn care seems like the easiest thing to do, and that someone can spent thousands of dollar on it per a years seems like yet another case of ‘misdirected resources.’
In actual fact though, lawn care often turns out to be one of the most involving undertakings. When one sees a well manicured lawn, it is easy to appreciate that some effort has gone into its maintenance, but what is hard to figure out is just HOW MUCH effort goes into that. In actual fact, keeping a one acre lawn in prime condition for a whole year might take as much as an investment of five hundred hours – and this is very conservative – meaning that wage bill, assuming the minimum wage of ten bucks per hour, would work out to like four thousand such bucks. So the question follows as to what, really, justifies this investment, and the subsequent inputs of time it calls for. Put another way, the question is as to why lawn care matters: why not just let the lawns be.

The answer to the question as to why lawn care matters is because ‘how well care for’ a home’s (or business center’s) lawns are cared for is usually something that has great implications on the image of that home or business center. Here, ‘business center’ is taken in its widest sense, to mean any setting that is not domestic, since all non-domestic settings are always meant for some business (though, of course, not always profit-oriented business). A church is in the business of offering spiritual services, while a school is in the business of offering educational services.

The implication is this: a well cared for lawn is subconsciously seen as a reflection of a well managed home/business center, with an unkempt lawn being seen as a reflection of a poorly managed home/business center. It doesn’t matter what the (actual) reality is: a person’s perception is their reality. A home with a well kept lawn could be a very poorly managed, but a person seeing it would view it as well managed. Worth noting is that it would be very hard to change that perception even when, upon entering the home (or business center, as may be the case), they come to see just how bad things are inside.

It is the same reason that makes us take proper care of our personal grooming then, that would motivate us to take proper care of our lawns. We know that these are things that speak loudest about us. We know that other people will make conclusions about us and our businesses, not mainly based on what we tell them, but rather based on what they see with their own eyes, through things like these. They are the small things that matter a lot. If you are a business organization, and a visiting client notices that your lawn is unkempt, it may be reason enough for denying you business. It is not likely, of course, that they will quote the poor state of the lawn as the reason for their withholding the business – but it will definitely be one of their subconscious motivations for doing so. It is with insights like these, then, that people find themselves motivated to invest their time and monetary resources in lawn care.

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