Lawn Care Tips and Advice for Vancouver

by Nate on August 14, 2010

Lawn Care Tips and Advice for Vancouver

Do you need a Lawn Care Company

Lawn care is a lot of work and mowing your lawn and up keeping your gardens can be a lot of work especially during summer. So how do you know if you need a professional lawn care company? It’s simple, if your lawn and gardens and are overgrowing then you you could use some help. Basic lawn maintenance services are surprisingly affordable as lawn care companies have the tools to do it not only fast, but they also do a good job for cheep. If your in Vancouver chaeck out

If your grass is spotty and brown then that might be an indication that you need some help. If you don’t know the different types of grass you can grow in certain soils then you may have problems in the future. Professionals can also tell you how often you should water your lawn and gardens which is important and unique for every climate area, grass type, and soil condition.

Guide to Lawn Maintenance


Allowing you lawn to overgrow not only looks bad but it kills grass when it falls over and shades other grass seedlings. Use a sharp blade lawn mower of good quality. Mulching lawn mowers are even better as they will chop up the grass and reuse it as grass fertilizer.


Adequate water is incredibly important. You need to how much water your specific grass type needs. If your unsure you can ask your lawn care service company. Of course, you can always find a discreet spot and put a shovel into the ground and fell the soil with your hand. You will need to water you lawn more in the summer months and reduce it in the fall.


Fertilizing will not only make your grass greener but it will also help grass seeds germinate faster. This faster germination makes the grass healthier in its infancy as well as in its adulthood, not to mention the benefits of sending off Rhizomes, Stolons and Tillers Making an all around healthier grass. Generally speaking fertilizers should be applied 4 times per year every 2 months. You should make your first application 30 days before growing season starts.


In order for grass to grow the soil needs water, nutrients and air. For this reason you will benefit from aerating the soil occasionally because the mowed grass can clog and block air from entering the soil. There are several tools for this including tine fork, lawn scarifier, or just a regular pitch fork all of which can be found in your local home and garden shop

Lawn weeding

Each time you cut your lawn walk around for a few minutes with a de-weeding tool and take out the more obvious large weeds. You must remove them from the roots up. After a while this will add up and you lawn will be more or less weed free.

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