Lawn Care Advice – Easy Steps To Lawn Care Success

by Nate on September 26, 2010

Lawn Care Advice – Easy Steps To Lawn Care Success

So, when you are wistfully looking out over next doors green and pleasant land, it’s time to take some lawn care advice and find out just what you can do, easily, to get that verdant pasture you desire.

It’s All In The Watering

Water is vital in getting a beautiful green lawn. These days, when temperatures are rising with the climatic effects that we are experiencing around the world, and rainfall is erratic, the best lawn care advice you can have is to get your watering just right.

If you get this right, you will find that you neither waste water, nor do you undersell your lawn either.

If you water early in the day or late, these are the right times. If you try it on in the heat of the day, you will waste water as much of it will evaporate off before it’s had the chance to do good. And, what make matters worse, some grass types will scorch if watered in this way as well.

It’s also to water in the right conditions for your lawn as well. the best lawn care advice would suggest that you water when the lawn needs it and not before.

Saturating the lawn can cause other problems as well as encouraging weeds to grow with a lawn that is under water for too long.

If you think about how well a lawn copes with the natural pattern of rainfall, you will start to appreciate how an irregular pattern of watering will be the best to develop good strong root systems (which like a little thirst!), without drowning the lawn and suffering other diseases.

Mow Your Lawn Carefully

Important lawn care advice is continued with the simple rules for mowing your lawn properly and in the best manner to encourage strong and healthy growth.

By ensuring that you mow in such a way as to cut at the higher end of the recommended grass height (as advised by your grass grower or other lawn care advisor – often found at your local garden center), you will increase the proportion of green surface area.

This will enable a strong plant. A bit of grass length is also good to hold back weeds that are trying their best to force their way through.

Taking proper care of your mower is also good lawn care advice. Make sure that your mower blades are sharp; a sharp blade will cut cleanly and prevent damage to your grass, which will also inhibit growth.

Take your blades to be sharpened by a professional each year. The small expense will be worth it as your summer progresses.

Thatch Control

Thatch is the material that comes from dead grass and other materials laying on the ground and inhibiting growth rather than decomposing.

Good lawn care advice means recommending that you do your best to fight thatch. This is more a project to be handled yearly rather than week by week.

Cutting grass at the recommended height for your type of grass will help reduce thatch, as will aeration of your lawn in the spring and fall.

By following this and other good lawn care advice, you’ll be able to have a lush lawn that you can be proud of.

(c) 2007 Lawn Care Guidelines. All you need to know to make the right decisions to get a great looking lawn. There’s all the information you could ask for, at Martin Haworth’s website,

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