Lawn Care – Latest Developments

by Nate on July 17, 2011

Lawn Care – Latest Developments

With the latest inventions in the field of lawn care, more and more lawn owners are now shifting their focus to chemical lawn care.  This method of lawn care is gaining lot of popularity nowadays.  However, it should be noted that in the long run, chemicals will do more damage than good.  Hence, you need to check out for organic and natural methods of lawn care.

If your lawn has a lavish carpet of grass, then you need not have to spend money on chemical lawn service methods and techniques. Excessive use of chemicals will make your lawn weaker and it will lead to a variety of lawn related problems. Make sure that the grass does not grow beyond a certain height.  This can be ensured by regular mowing of grass.  Planting the right plants and grasses are important.  Depending on the climatic and environmental factors, you need to plant trees, plants and shrub. One should not forget that fertilization of the lawn and lawn service are interdependent on each other.  In fact, they are two sides of the same coin.

Weeding is a very important lawn service method which needs to be done on a regular basis.  Use of mulching mowers is highly recommended, if you have a big lawn.  Grass needs to be clipped at the right height. Also, grasses serve as organic manure.  Also, mulching is safe as your lawn will not become a prey to thatch which in fact robs your lawn of essential nutrients. When watering, make sure that your lawn receives the right amount of water.  Never overdo watering.  Going the green way is a very important idea which is being adopted as well as well appreciated by many people nowadays.  It is also eco-friendly and there is minimal damage to our environment and nature.

Mow your lawn and make sure you adopt the right cutting methods, so that you give a neat and fresh look to your lawn.  Check out for battery powered mowers, which are the latest ones in lawn care.  The sophisticated machines which are available at the shops are of fine quality and will surely do a great job.

lawn service also means using organic and natural lawn fertilisers. The nutrients are released slowly and steadily and it will surely add beauty to your lawn in the long run.  It is important to not speed up the feeding process, give some time, so that your turf takes shape in the right manner and also lasts longer.  Organic fertilisers are natural ones and they lend a natural colour to your lawn. Aeration of the lawn is a very important factor in lawn care.  The soil cores are allowed to breathe air, which in turn helps the lawn to grow greener and fuller.  When the lawn is aerated, the nutrients, water and air get better penetration into the soil.

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