Janitorial Tips: Cleaning Schedule

by editor on October 17, 2011

Hiring a janitorial service is an important part of running a business. Keeping the office clean keeps up morale by creating a space that employees feel comfortable to be in, and it also keeps them in good health. But in order to keep up the environment and well-being of your employees, certain tasks should be performed on a specific schedule. Here are some tips from janitorial specialists on how to keep your office clean.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Your janitorial service should vacuum the entire office at least once a month. Along with this task, the janitor should also clean office furniture, wall hangings, and vents.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Each week the janitorial crew should disinfect telephones and keyboards. Unless you have specific rules for your office refrigerator, you can request that they clean out the fridge. If you don’t feel comfortable asking this of your janitorial company, make this a “must-do” for your employees to discourage rotting food. The desks, computers and other surfaces of the office should be dusted as well.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Emptying the garbage needs to happen daily. Floors should be mopped or vacuumed and kitchens and restrooms should be thoroughly cleaned.

If you have any other ideas about what tasks should be performed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, be sure to discuss those ideas with your janitorial company.

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