Is Your Pest Control Company Licensed?

by on October 9, 2011

Is Your Pest Control Company Licensed?

Pest control is different from most service-based industries in that the work is performed at the client’s property.  Other service-based businesses, like auto shops & medical officies, the clients come to the company’s place of business.

However, in pest control, the service is performed at a home or property. In this situation you will want to make sure you & your property are protected & the work is completed by a licensed pest control applicator.

Ensuring that the pest control company removing the bugs is licensed, insured, & bonded will leave you risk-free and push all the liability on the pest control technician during the service process.

For example, consider a pest control company inspects your property and finds an insect infestation inside the structure of your home. The company requires two visits to complete the pest control job & quotes 0 as the total cost for the work. You agree and they complete the first part of the job process today but require full payment of the total cost after completion of the first part.


You pay the 0 in full and the second part of the pest control process is scheduled next week….Great! But next week rolls around & the bee removal company is nowhere to be found. You’re starting to worry. You have the bugs still crawling around your home, residue is still under your roof, and you’re out 0 for an unfulfilled contract. This is where a company being bonded guarantees no-risk to you. Being bonded, aka a surety bond, means if work obligations under a contract are not fulfilled, a third party will fully reimburse you for losses. That’s a good guarantee to have from your pest control company.

Also, you will want to make sure that the company you hire for the pest control job is licensed. Allowing an unlicensed bug exterminator to spray chemicals on your home is comparable to hiring a unlicensed dentist for a root canal. It’s a huge risk!

A licensed pest exterminator is certified & will efficiently spray the bees will ensuring the safety of others.

Verify the license of any pest control applicator on the Structural Pest Control Board website!

Here are some tips to follow before hiring a pest control company:

Make sure the company is licensed by visiting the Structural Pest Control Board Website
Request proof of insurance
Ask for proof of surety bond
Look at reviews of company on third party websites (ex. Yelp,, etc.)
Obtain images of previous work

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