How To Go About Hiring Lawn Care Staff

by on October 7, 2011

How To Go About Hiring Lawn Care Staff

There are at least three situations in which a discussion on how to go about hiring staff will be great relevance to you. The first of those situations is where, as an organizational leader, you find yourself tasked with the role of finding people to do lawn care for your organization. In this situation, you would know that failure to get the right people may make you seem incompetent – and that could have an effect on your career progression. The second of those situations, in which information on how to go about hiring lawn care staff would be highly relevant is where, as a home owner, you are looking for people to help with lawn care. There are people with homes big enough to warrant the employment of full-time staff for them. But it could also be a case of the ordinary homeowner, looking for part-time lawn care staff. The third of those situations, in which information on how to go about hiring staff would be highly relevant is where, as a person in that line of business (that is, the business of caring for lawns/landscaping), you find yourself looking for staffers for your business. In all of these situations, it becomes essential to find the right people.

There are three things you need to look for, when hiring staff.

The first of those things that you need to look at is lawn service knowledge – because although it looks very simple, lawn care is in fact a very technical undertaking. You need someone with some understanding of the technical aspects of it. There are several credentials, which could certify such knowledge. A person with formal training in landscaping disciplines is likely to have some good knowledge of lawn service practices. But there are also many people without formal training, but who, on account of having been involved in lawn care work for long, end up developing very good skills in the same. A person with demonstrable experience in a (technical position within a) landscaping company, for instance, could end up with remarkably good lawn care skills, even if he or she is not formally trained in ornamental horticulture. All in all, it is important to ensure that the folks you engage are folks with good technical skills in lawn service. Don’t compromise on this.

The second thing you need to look at is physical aptitude for the job. This is especially the case with people who want to be given the lawn care jobs on account of their formal training, but who have not previously been involved in this type of work. The challenge is in the fact that some of these people may not have the capability to deal with the physical demands for the work. All said and done, keep it in mind that there are some very physical aspects in lawn service work.

The third thing you need to look at, when hiring staff, is what may be termed as ‘attitude.’ This has to do with a question like the one as to whether the person in question truly loves lawn care work, or whether he or she is only getting into it as a ‘stop-gap job.’ Ideally, you should place your lawn service under people who are truly passionate about it, and people who truly love it (as opposed to people who are looking for lawn service work because it is the only work they can get). But at the very least, you need someone who will respect the lawn care job you give them.

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