How to Choose a Lawn Care Company in Newburgh, NY

by Nate on October 22, 2010

How to Choose a Lawn Care Company in Newburgh, NY

Every home owner desires to have attractive and well-cared lawns. Their main concern is to choose a right lawn care company that can meet all of their expectations. In the past years, there has been an unprecedented increase in home owners demands for the right lawn care company to look after their ground.

There are advantages of maintaining a lawn in your premises:

Lawns are environmental asset; the greens will provide clean and fresh air.

Grasses guard the soil from erosion.

A well-cared lawn increases the value of your property.

Lawns are ideal recreation venues.

Fibrous root system of the grass helps enrich soil.

With the emergence of so many lawn care companies offering varied services, it would serve you well to have proper perspectives to economize on time, save money and eliminate the trouble in caring for your lawn during the growing season. These are useful guidelines in selecting the right lawn care company:

1.Determine your need for lawn care. Decide on the kind of service you need. Know the lawn or landscape concerns you require. Mow or trim once a week? Is it to fertilize and apply herbicide? Help in landscape bed? Mow, blow and go? Do you need a complete lawn care program?

2.Secure references and recommendations, Should you opt for a large company, you can read reviews online. Your local Chamber of Commerce, local business reviews, and neighbors are also reliable sources of information.

3.Understand fertility program as to the kind of fertilizers and chemicals to be applied. If you want an environmentally-friendly company that uses organic chemicals, inquire what they will use to eliminate the weeds.

4.Visit several lawn care companies and inquire on their services. Ask for quotes in writing. Compare prices, talk to their supervisors and managers to discover professionalism in their service. Or you can write and request a company representative to see you.

5.Evaluate the flexibility of their program. Who is in charge? Ask other customers about these companies

6.When you have chosen the right lawn care company for you, settle for a trial relationship. Do not sign a contract for more than a year. Touch base with the manager regularly

7.Analyze the contract you are signing. Understand the guarantee clause.

8.Be highly involved in caring for your lawn; do not leave the entire work to the lawn care company. Be vocal of any service discrepancy.

9.If services are satisfactory, you can extend the contract.

Benefits of a getting the service of a lawn care company:

You are confident that your lawn is now in the hands of experts.

You eliminate worry about the care of your lawn.

You have more time to enjoy your well – kept lawn, relax and commune with nature.

You should have the knowledge of choosing the proper lawn care company that works well for you and your family in conjunction with your lifestyle.

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