Hiring A Professional Pest Control Company

by Nate on June 23, 2011

Hiring A Professional Pest Control Company

In the US alone, more than 75 percent of homes use pesticides, and 20 percent of all the households get professional help in pest control. These pest control & pest management services are now given by firms with licensed experts, and the days of the bug man, sprayers, and exterminators are slowly fading away. The days when pest control is treated on a piecemeal basis and mere remedial measures are getting replaced by comprehensive and thorough pest management services which deal with long term solutions that result in genuine pest prevention.

In recent years pest control has taken a turn for the better with the adaptation of the idea of the Integrated Pest Management or IPM, giving primacy to the proper inspection, identification and selection of the appropriate procedures to address pest control, and not merely going through the usual insect spraying on wall junctions and other places. The pest control & pest management services of today have done away with the mere spraying activities against pests. It now uses less pesticides and more preventive management techniques and integrates a programmed approach to pest prevention. The IPM makes use of wide ranging methods in assuring a total, effective and long term solution to the different problems of pest infestation.

Finding a reliable pest control company is the first step in your endeavor, and the next step is assuring yourself that the services given by this chosen company is adequate for your pest control needs. There are companies that highlight their length of existence in the business. But it is important to note that being in business for decades does not necessarily mean that the company is completely capable and reliable.

There are younger companies engaged in Pest Control & Fumigation which have experienced personnel who can match or even surpass the qualifications of the older companies. On this aspect, thorough checking and verification of credentials both of the company and its personnel is necessary in order to have a better appraisal of the candidate pest control company.

Then there is the aspect of customer references in which companies should be more than willing to share with its prospective clients. Reputable companies should have no problem in presenting a list of satisfied customers for prospective clients to contact to get reviews and feedback as to the company’s performance and reliability. It would be better if these referrals would come from relatives and friends in order to get genuine feedback. This includes getting feedback on pest control products for pest prevention which these companies carry. In relation to this, it would be wise to also verify the integrity of the company from local government agencies and pest control associations in the locality.

Careful evaluation should also be made with the employees of the candidate company, specifically the personnel who would be assigned to service your home. A good choice of company would also be the one who offers free inspection and audit of your home prior to giving you a formal service proposal.

Just like in any other serious endeavor or undertaking, it would be prudent to get a second opinion from other reputable firms in your shortlist before contracting pest control & pest management services for your home. Pest Prevention can only be effective if you get it from qualified and trustworthy companies.

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