Great Lawn Care – Truly Worth These Small Steps

by Nate on August 19, 2010

Great Lawn Care – Truly Worth These Small Steps

Having the perfect lawn involves many things. And with those many things to do in taking care of your lawn, would it not be best if there is somewhere a set of guides to help you along? Well look no more, because here are some lawn tips that could be useful to you.

Important Lawn Care Considerations

If you want a healthy and great looking lawn, then lawn care is important. The lawn care tactics you use are as much a part of lawn maintenance as the actual maintenance steps themselves.

So, first up, When you choose the grass for your lawn, make sure it is the right type. The factors that could affect your choice of grass include your location (because you may be living in a dry or wet part of the country).

Your choice of grass can also be affected by that grasses’ availability at a particular season and certain planting methods. Your lawn and garden will not be as perfect as you wish it to be if right from the start you didn’t prepare adequately.

Guide to Lawn Maintenance

Lawn management requires dedication on your part and good application of the skills you will need, which are not that hard to understand and learn.

One important lawn care necessity is lawn mowing. You cannot just let the grass in your lawn overgrow, can you? When you mow, use a sharp mower so that you would get the job done easily and fast. A sharp lawn mower is also best to avoid young grass seedlings from being uprooted.

Another important lawn care practice is regualr and adequate lawn watering. Naturally, if you do not water the grass in your lawn, it will dry up and eventually die. Know the requirements of the grass type you have planted and water accordingly.

You may need to water your lawn more during the hot seasons and be careful with timing too.

Another important thing to remember when you take care of your lawn is lawn fertilizing and of course you must know the right fertilizers for your grass.

That is why choosing your grass in the first place was important. So, do some research down at your local specialists and decide what you need to do and in what season.

You might also want to take into account insect control and relevant treatment too.

Aside from that, your lawn may need some aerating from time to time. The thatch – mowed bits and pieces of grass can pack the soil of your lawn as well as block the air from entering.

So you might consider that with your lawn management, using a hollow tine fork or other attachments that you might be able to use on your mower.

A lawn scarifier can be found in your garden center, as an attachment or a free-standing piece of kit, often inexpensive and very practical and effective.

Lawn weeding is also important. Though your lawn is mainly grass, you do not want other types of grass to be mixed in there. Also use the proper and best lawn equipment you can find to ensure a good job.

In fact, a good idea here is to meander around your lawn, just after you have cut it, with a small knife and cut out the biggest weeds. As you do this frequently the weeds weaken and die off. It’s a good investment of time for those bigger weeds.

Lawn care is important, for that beautiful expanse of green you have dreamt about, so make sure to do your best with it.

(c) 2007 Lawn Care Guidelines. All you need to know to make the right decisions to get a great looking lawn. There’s all the information you could ask for, at Martin Haworth’s website,

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