Get More With Less With the Best Lawn Care Products

by Nate on April 4, 2011

Get More With Less With the Best Lawn Care Products

Many people have dreamy ideas about what their lawn ought to look like. They imagine the picturesque lawn with absolutely no weeds and lush, vibrant grass with no bare spots. However, this is an unattainable goal, and the purpose of lawn care products isn’t to achieve the perfect look but to make your yard look the best that it can. The best lawn care products help you to get a great (although probably not perfect) looking yard without using too much in the way of somewhat toxic (only toxic at concentrated levels) substances. In short, the best looking yard with the least amount of chemicals.

Not Always the Costliest

The secret about the best lawn care products is that they don’t always cost the most out of all the lawn care products. In fact, many of the more expensive treatments aren’t as effective. Treating a yard should never take more than two to three hundred dollars a year, and you can save much of that if you just buy the products and apply them yourself anyway. With the best lawn care products, you don’t need to worry about the toxicity of the substances that you’re applying to your yard either. At the very low concentration at which lawn care products are applied, you would need to roll around in the still-wet-from-the-herbicide grass for hours to get sick. After all, thousands upon thousands lawn treatment professionals who use these very same best lawn care products work with them everyday and don’t get sick from them. However, you may want to make sure that they use pet safe lawn care products if you have some pet toys lying around the yard. Your dog Toto might become sick if picking up his tennis ball with toxic lawn care products sprayed on it.

Worse than the toxicity of many substances is the fact that they are designed to not break down, meaning your body has a harder time getting rid of them. Short of drinking a bottle of pesticide, these products certainly can’t kill you, although most lawn care professionals attach notes of “stay off till dry” to the invoices they leave with their customers. By maintaining your yard each year, you can increase the vibrancy of your grass from year to year, and yearly maintenance simply makes it easier to keep weeds out of your yard. The longer you use the best lawn care products, the less you need to use them as your yard becomes stronger.

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