Do it Yourself Termite Treatments That Really Work at Preventing Termites

by Nate on July 1, 2011

Do it Yourself Termite Treatments That Really Work at Preventing Termites

If you’re a homeowner who is budget conscious, then you’re going to be looking for do it yourself termite treatments that really work at preventing termites. Masking sure that the little beasts don’t invade your home can save you thousands of dollars in repair and extermination costs.

Going to a pest professional to get rid of your termite problem can be expensive. You’re going to be looking at least a few hundred dollars, and a tenting, where the house is fumigated for several days, can easily cost in the thousands. It’s no surprise that many people are looking for ways to do their termite control themselves.

The problem is that messing up your treatment can cost you thousands of dollars. So it’s very important that you pick methods that will be effective and doable for your particular situation. There are several options available, but you need to pick one that fits your situation and your budget.

The first step is to make sure that you actually need to prevent termites. Taking some precautions is a good idea no matter what, but it becomes absolutely vital if you’re in area where termites are known to live.

You should talk to your neighbors, and see if any of them have had termite problems. Termites can range out four hundred feet from their colony for food, and swarming termites, the flying kind, can go much farther than that.

You should also inspect any areas where wood is lying around, or area that damp and moist, because these are prime areas for termite activity. What you’re going to be looking for is the termites themselves, small brownish bugs, or evidence of them, live discarded wings.

If you find that you have termites in the area, then it’s imperative that you take steps right away to make sure that termites in the area don’t become termites in your house. There are two main methods to keeping termites out; the barrier method and the baiting method.

The barrier method is to use a termicide and inject it into the ground. You do this at regular intervals around the perimeter of your home to saturate the soil and create a chemical barrier around your home that the termites can’t get past without being killed.

This isn’t recommended for a do it yourself job, because it’s difficult to get the chemicals where they need to go without special equipment. This is the sort of extermination job that really does require a professional and a professional’s equipment to do right.

On the other hand, the bait method can be used by do it yourselfers, and it’s generally much cheaper than the barrier method. The bait method involves putting bait stations into the ground that lure termites to it and then poison them.

Mostly, this involves getting the termites to inadvertently take back a substance that interrupts the growth of the subadult termites. Since it doesn’t affect the adults, they don’t stop going to the bait, but it kills the younger ones. Over time, the adult termites all die and with no young termites to replace them, the colony dies.

This method is cheap, effective and easily done by homeowners. All it takes is the system and shovel. There aren’t many do it yourself termite treatments that really work at preventing termites, but the bait method is one that really delivers.

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