Discover 6 Lawn Care Tips and Information

by Nate on June 19, 2011

Discover 6 Lawn Care Tips and Information

Home lawn care could be as complex or simple as you make it. Before you decide to put in different colors and varieties of exotic plants it is important to figure out just how much weekend time you have to spend taking care of these unusual plants, or in lieu of your own loving care, if you can afford to hire a professional landscape team come around to take regular care of your plants.

Lawn Tip 1

Some of the most valuable nutrients can be added to your lawn by letting it reclaim these same nutrients from the clipped grass pieces. While many people worry that adding grass clippings or mulched leaves and branches will add or promote thatch to the lawn, but this is not true. The more nutrients the better; for the most part, and lawn clippings are best suited to nourish the living lawn.

Lawn Tip 2

When mowing your grass, try not to mow the entire yard, but rather 1/3 of the overall yard. Also, each time you mow, cover a different 1/3 of the yard. For example, if you begin at a 3 o’clock position in your yard and go to a 7 o’clock position one time, start at 5 or 6 and go to 11. Keep the mowing pattern varied and you’ll have a healthier lawn.

Lawn Tip 3

It’s much easier to get a handle on new weeds than when they’re older, more established and just plain harder to remove.

Lawn Tip 4

Most lawns need about 1-2 inches of water each week. By watering the lawn early in the morning (4-9AM) it doesn’t have a chance to encourage mold or fungus like like it does when you water it at nightfall. This also keeps the sun from burning up all the dampness, thus robbing your lawn and your pocketbook.

Lawn Tip 5

While more natural nutrients like those from compost or grass clippings really can’t be overdone, the use of commercial fertilizer certainly can be overdone. You run the risk of poisoning your lawn in the long term if you overdo the recommended doses of fertilizer for your lawn.

Lawn Tip 6

Not only do powerful and efficient lawn mowers cut grass better and more consistently, but they have lower emissions which is better for the environment. Of course a manual or electric mower is even better for the environment, but there are other performance issues that come along with these other mower types that you must consider yourself before making those decisions.

An herbal lawn is only what it sounds like, a lawn that is composed of an herb instead of a sort of grass. You can produce an herbal lawn out of many different kinds of herbs. The challenge really is to find an herb that tolerates heavy foot traffic at the same time that it is still comfortable if you like to play or sit on the lawn. There are many varieties of chamomile and creeping thyme that fall into this perfect middles ground.

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