Different Methods of Termite Treatment for Your House

by Nate on July 15, 2011

Different Methods of Termite Treatment for Your House

Termites are most popular insects found in every house and they belong to the cockroach family and order. Termites are the oldest surviving insects from time immemorial. They live in colonies and follow a systematic work pattern and order in lifestyle. The king and queen termites are called ‘reproductive termites’ and their only function is to increase the population. Other termites serve as soldier and they are the ones who go here and there and gather food for all.

They are also involved in protecting the nest and in maintaining the colony in organized way. The ironic fact among the termites is the soldier termites are blind and sterile and are short lived, whereas the queen and king termites live for at least 70 years. The community generally feeds on old wooden furniture of your house and also dwells on animal dung and leaf litters. Termites can cause serious damage to your house spoiling the entire furniture and the wooden cupboards and windows. It multiplies so quickly that it produces hundreds to millions of baby termites each year. Termite treatment is essential for protecting the environment of your house and you have several choices of treatment for getting rid of them.

Termites become multifold and its population is higher when you have discovered their existence. Hire a professional for getting rid of termites completely. They use equipments, and specialized methods for killing them. Fumigation is the best method of treating termites which involves evacuating the residents from the house and pumping a chemical into the house after closing all the doors and windows.

They usually collapse and die inside the surfaces in which they are present due to intoxicating chemicals and suffocation. This is the best method of treating termites which dwell on dry wooden surfaces. Sometimes, the professionals apply chemicals by way of pumping action through the holes present in the wood thereby making the termites die. After the process, it is necessary to close the holes using caulk and sealing powder for preventing further escape.  One disadvantage in using insecticides is they leave the residue in the carpets and furniture and in the entire house which is poisonous and intoxicating also. Insist on using non-toxic chemicals during fumigation of the population of termite.

Boric acid can also be used as alternative termite treatment. Dissolve some quantity of boric acid in water and paint the entire surface or affected area. This will prevent the growth of population and also destroy the termites which are in developing stages.

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