Dallas Texas Lawn Care – Know The Basics

by Nate on January 14, 2011

Dallas Texas Lawn Care – Know The Basics

Dallas TX lawn care does not have to control your life. With proper maintenance, your lawn can be beautiful without taking up too much time. One thing that you need to watch for is any sign of disease or infestation. Diseases and pests can quickly overtake grass so knowing the warning signs is essential. Early treatment is always the best way to go. Diseases and pests can affect the leaves of a plant or the roots and each will have different symptoms. The most common problems are nematodes, Brown Patch, Gray Leaf Spot and Take-All Root Rot.

The first sign that your lawn may be infested with nematodes is yellowing turf and wilting grass. Weeds or bare patches may appear on your lawn also. The easiest way to know if this is your problem is to have the soil tested. Any Dallas TX lawn care specialist can do this or you may wish to check with your county extension office. To avoid having your lawn infested, don’t overwater and limit nitrogen fertilizers. Watering less frequently at deeper levels, along with proper fertilization, allows for better root growth. Shallow roots encourage dense populations of nematodes. A deep, strong root system is more resistant to this type of pest.

Leaf diseases include Brown Patch and Gray Leaf Spot. Brown Patch commonly starts as a small spot and quickly spreads in a horseshoe or circular pattern. It is a fungal disease that is quite common in areas of high humidity, especially during the cooler months. Gray Leaf Spot appears as spots on the leaves. These spots start out round, then gradually take on an oval shape before spreading down the blade. Avoid overfertilizing with nitrogen and take care when watering. You do not want grass to remain wet as this can lead to the disease. With either disease, fungicides can often help to control the problem and can be obtained at any Dallas TX lawn care center.

A common disease that may affect the roots of your lawn is Take-All Root Rot. You may not realize there is a problem until the disease has progressed significantly. The first sign you may see is patches of yellow turf which will most likely occur during the cooler months, yet can carry over into warmer periods. In order to prevent this from happening to your lawn, ensure your lawn has proper draining and don’t water for short periods of time. Allow water to drench the lawn a few times a week as this promotes good root growth. Also, don’t overdo it with nitrogen fertilizer as this leads to excess top growth which encourages this disease. Dallas TX lawn care can be very easy if you know what to do and what not to do.

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