Could a Lawn Care Franchise Be the Business You are Looking For?

by Nate on June 6, 2011

Could a Lawn Care Franchise Be the Business You are Looking For?

If you are thinking about starting a lawn care business regardless of whether it is a change of career or just to earn extra money it is important to consider if it is the correct job for you or not. There are three main ways in which you can start your lawn care business, and these are to start your own business from scratch, purchase an existing business, or purchase one of the lawn care franchises that are available.   

It is very important to take care when you are choosing what to spend your money on. It is imperative to look at all of the possibilities, and to consider if a franchise is the best option for you.   

When you decide that the franchise is the best thing for you then you will need to pay what is known as the initial franchise fee, and this amount will actually vary. This initial fee will allow you access to the business system. In order to start making money you will need to get some customers and complete some work. Doing the work and making money will enable you to recoup the amount that you paid as an initial fee.  

There are a number of different franchise lawn care companies that you can choose from. It is very important to take time to look into exactly what is available prior to actually parting with any of your hard earned money. Most franchisers will offer what is known as an income guarantee, or this is sometimes referred to as work availability guarantee. This guarantee may sound perfect; however, there is a catch and this is that the franchisee has to cut the lawn of the prospects in order for them to say that the lawn was done satisfactorily. The idea behind this is that the prospects will like the free service and join as a regular customer. The guarantee is good for about thirteen weeks.

One of the biggest problems with these franchisees is that the guarantee only lasts for three months. In the cases where the franchiser does pay out this is often just the initial fee that was paid. At the end of the three month, six month or twelve month period there may not be enough customers to make the business viable.  

There is a growing amount of eagerness and excitement to start a franchise business that you may have always dreamt of owning. If you are considering becoming your own boss then it may be worth considering one of the lawn care franchises that are available. It is very important to consider if you are personally ready to start up a business on your own. Once you have determined that you are fully ready it is a good idea to look into all the different franchises so that you can make an informed decision regarding the best one to work with. Most of the different franchises only cost a small amount to start and to begin operating.

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