Commercial and Residential Pest Control

by Nate on June 15, 2011

Commercial and Residential Pest Control


These creatures can also be considered pest if they contribute to the deterioration of structures and man made resources. Examples for farm pests include rats, seed-eating birds (e.g. crows), and ducks. Meanwhile examples for pests contributing to deterioration include termites and still, rats.

Pest Control in residential and commercial areas mostly concerns pests that contribute to deterioration (termites, cockroaches and rats). For hotels, restaurants and other establishments that handle food, spiders, flies and most other bugs are also considered major pests difficult to handle. In traverse cities like Sydney, property development doesn’t come cheap but it provides high returns, making it a good business investment. Pest Control Services would act as insurance for the property in terms of sanitation and appeal as well.

Commercial Pest Control

Larger spaces entail more possible areas where colonies of insects may develop. This implies a direct proportion between space and potential pest problems. Pests such as ants may be one of those very difficult to deal with since they can easily go though small holes like those made for wiring, and these creatures become most difficult to deal with when they start hunting for food. Then, there are rats who may even chew on those wires. Pest Control acts as a key factor in any business’ success especially for hotels and restaurants where health inspections are conducted.

A Health Inspector or Environmental Health Officer for hotels and restaurants examines the site where food is handled and cites areas where action is needed. Some of the major areas for inspection include garbage, odor, and sewage in which pests are abundant or are a major contributor of.

Residential Pest Control

Having pests in some areas of the house doesn’t mean they should simply be tolerated. The value of property especially in cities can significantly become lower if it is infected with pest. Also, pests can infest delicate areas of the house such as the kitchen and bedroom. Aside from the safety of the people, structure safety is also observed since termites, when left unattended, can significantly harm the stability of a building’s foundations (e.g. floor boards, wooden furnishings). Pest Control for residential areas is specifically designed for the safety and health of families since only environment friendly pesticides are used in order to avoid ill effects directly or through the use of utensils.

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