Best Techniques For Turf Lawn Care

by Nate on May 27, 2011

Best Techniques For Turf Lawn Care

Best Techniques For Turf Lawn Care

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Best Techniques For Turf Lawn Care

By: Nicholas Reay
Posted: Feb 04, 2010
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In today’s fast food world, you can get everything fast – even a lawn. With little turf lawn care one can quickly avoid soil erosion primarily use landscaping turf. Landscaping turf is grass that is cut and shipped fully-grown right to your door. It is grown on a local specialty farm, as excessive transportation can cause it to build up heat and dry out. These specialty farms often have several types of lawn to choose from so the consumer can choose which is right for their use and appearance preferences. It is harvested about ten to eighteen months after planting .While it is on the farm it undergoes frequent watering, mowing, turf lawn care and fertilization. It is even vacuumed to remove the clippings. When it is ready, it is cut into standardized sizes using special equipment. Turf is usually cut into squares or rolls.

It takes several weeks for grass seed to become established and become a visually appealing lawn. During that time, it is vulnerable to many problems and this is the high time for turf lawn care. It could be blown away or eaten by birds or even fail to grow due to drought. Turf avoids most of these problems. A turf lawn is often fully established within 30 days.  However, turf is more expensive. It requires a lot more care and water to become established.

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Before turf is applied, you must decide how to prepare the area that it will cover and how much time you are going to spend on turf lawn care. There are several different methods to do this.

Cutter Technique

To use the cutter technique, a tool called a turf cutter is used to remove the existing surface of the lawn. Once the old lawn has been removed, it is carted away and the now the grass free surface is rot tilled to loosen the ground and get it ready for the new Landscaping turf. At this point a layer or two of top soil can be laid own to improve the soil making it optimal for the new grass.


Using the tilling technique, the existing lawn is tilled under. There are two methods to do this. The first method only removes the top layer of grass. This method leaves the only the soil as no grass remains. Then the remaining soil is retilled. This method creates a smooth loose surface on which to install the new Landscaping turf. With the second variation of this technique, the old grass and the soil are tilled together. This mixes the old grass into the soil. In this method, the old grass does not need to be hauled away. The surface is ready having the turf laid more quickly and a little less expensively.

Herbicidal Application

In this technique, a powerful herbicide is applied to the existing grass. The chemical kills the old lawn in about seven to ten days. It is then raked to remove the old grass leaving just the soil behind. The new turf is laid then laid on the soil.

Over the existing

In this technique, the new Landscaping turf is simply laid out on top of the old. Since the old grass cannot

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