Best Lawn Care Equipment For Really Easy Lawn Care

by Nate on August 23, 2010

Best Lawn Care Equipment For Really Easy Lawn Care

If you want the best looking lawn, or even just one that is good enough to look out on as you enjoy a beautiful day, you will need to put some effort in. To minimize that, mechanization could be your answer!

There are some great time-saving tools around these days, that will take the chore out of your lawn as well as getting you sitting out on it enjoying it just as soon as possible! Even if you spend laborious hours on it, it’s still possible that it won’t end up perfect, but it will look way better.

Many people begrudge the effort and time it takes. Maybe it’s these very same people who also feel aggrieved that lawn care equipment can be a bit heavy on the pocket. Like all things in life, it can be hard to get a balance between what is a reasonable expenditure and whether it is worth it in the first place – ‘What’s in it for me?’, in this investment I make!

By buying reasonable lawn care equipment, you will have every opportunity to have a beautiful lawn, if that’s what you are seeking.

So, here are some of the most important implements that will help you get the lawn you really want.

Your Lawnmower – The Most Valuable Time-Saving Power-Tool

To spend your rest time cutting a lawn laboriously, is pretty much agreed by gardeners across all spectrums as a bit of a waste of time and effort. There must be better things to do than cut a lawn without proper lawn care equipment. Only the greatest purists who nurture and worship their lawn will resist buying a pretty good lawnmower as their most vital bit of lawn care equipment

There are two ways to do this, the hard way and the easy way. The hard way is a bog-standard mower that you push along without any motorization at all, but if you want to properly care for your lawn, you’ll need a decent mower that you can use without too much effort.

Of all the lawn care equipment that’s out there, the mower is the one that you’ll get most use of and, if you choose correctly, it will be the one that makes the most impact on your lawn and saves you the most time.

If you are in doubt about which type of mower you might buy, just take a look at the lawn and areas involved. For a large, very flat lawn, you will need a powered mower, probably a sit-on one. For a small lawn, get yourself one that will cut just right for that lawn. Unless it’s to massage your ego, you don’t need a sit-on mower for a lawn the size of a postage stamp!

With lawn mowers, there are plenty of different types to be found. For a reasonable choice that isn’t too expensive, go for a pushmower, without the push. That is the self-propelled mower that is power-assisted – just helping you out when you need it and giving you the flexibility of complete control..

Edge Trimmers – Go On Then, Finish The Job

When you’ve done your mowing, the job isn’t complete until you’ve gone round the edge too. In fact a well mown lawn will still look scruffy if your edges don’t get done.

A good trimmer will be one item of lawn care equipment that will ‘ice the cake’ and if used wisely, will enhance even the best mown garden, creating a look of quality that is hard to surpass.

This is one piece of garden equipment where mechanization can be harder to handle that doing it by hand, but with a twist. A good edge trimmer will be used manually, but will not only be very effective, it will also save you time and your back!

Yes, you can get those electrical or petrol/gas powered ‘strimmer’ type edge trimmers when you’re out buying your lawn care equipment, but for me, there is no better piece of kit than the odd looking shear type that you use with a sideways shuffle along your border. The trouble with strimmers is that they run so fast that it can be hard to control them.

Go for a good manual!

‘Like a Gentle Rain From Heaven’

Last up in the key lawn care equipment that you will need to consider seriously when you are aiming for a great looking lawn, is a way to get it wet!

Having an effective sprinkler system in place will make a huge difference when you are looking at hot, thirsty summers. Could you imagine watering your whole lawn with a watering can?

No, I thought not.

Sprinklers come in a number of different arrangements. Some, which might be best of you want as little involvement as possible, will be built into your lawn and come on with a timer system, popping-up without warning – so watch out!

For a small lawn, at the other end of the spectrum, are simple movable sprinklers that you attach your hose to and move around. Takes your time and effort, but for a small lawn that might be a completely acceptable solution.


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