Add Value To Your Home With Professional Tree & Shrub Care

by Nate on January 22, 2011

Add Value To Your Home With Professional Tree & Shrub Care

Studies show that a well-maintained landscape can add as much as 15% to the value of a home at resale. Are your trees and shrubs getting the care they deserve?

Professional lawn and landscape companies have made a name for themselves by helping customers grow lush, green, beautiful lawns. However, there is much more to a well landscaped lawn than green grass. You can rely on a lawn and landscaping care service to provide your trees and shrubs with comprehensive care that will keep them growing in beauty and value for years to come. Why put your whole lawn at risk by trying to do it yourself when you can have a program designed with the unique needs of your landscape plants in mind. Most lawn and landscape service providers can custom-tailor a program to fit your specific goals and budget.

When you sign up for a professional tree & shrub care program from your lawn service provider, here’s what you can expect:

Professional feeding -

Your lawn care professional will provide your trees and shrubs with seasonal, root zone feedings of timed-release fertilizer. By applying the fertilizer directly into the root zone, it will be distributed more evenly throughout the soil. This will make it easier for your landscape plants to absorb and use the nutrients they need for vigorous, beautiful growth.

Disease control -

Your lawn service professional will also evaluate your landscape to determine which trees and shrubs may be prone to particular diseases. Then, those plants will receive preventative treatments throughout the year. If other diseases do appear, they’ll immediately be treated with the appropriate control products.

Insect control –

You can count on your landscape professional to provide your trees and shrubs with a combination of preventative treatments and control applications throughout the year to minimize damage from harmful insect pests. You can rest assured that the appropriate product will be used only when and where needed, and in the proper amounts for effective control.

Continuous monitoring –

Your lawn care specialist will keep a constant eye on your landscape plants for signs of trouble. In this way, we can identify and correct any problems before they have a chance to seriously affect your trees and shrubs.

In addition to providing services and lawn care products, landscaping professionals also provide expert advice on areas of your lawn that you might have overlooked. This includes proper pruning practices, which are essential for healthy growth.

Perry Boylan is a Marketing Manager with Scotts LawnService. Perry has worked for Scotts Miracle-Gro for 10 years providing sound lawn, garden, and pest management advice. Scotts LawnService will transform your lawn with organic lawn care services, gardening tips, and tree and shrub care. Scotts offers a FREE lawn analysis. Visit for information.

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