A Key Factor To Beautiful Landscaping Is Proper Lawn Care

by Nate on April 16, 2011

A Key Factor To Beautiful Landscaping Is Proper Lawn Care

Most homeowners would love to gaze out at a beautifully landscaped lawn and yard. It is not as hard to achieve an attractive outdoor living area as you might think. With the proper maintenance and lawn care, your landscape can provide a lovely backdrop to your home.

Since your lawn will be one of the biggest focal points of your landscape, proper lawn care will keep that large area lush and green. If your lawn looks good, it won’t be as difficult to make the rest of your yard look good as well. Proper lawn care to enhance your landscape is not that difficult, as long as you understand a few basic principles about how to keep your lawn healthy.

A Healthy Lawn Is A Happy Lawn

The first step in caring for your lawn and landscape is ensuring that you have a healthy soil for planting. All plants require certain nutrients in the soil they grow in, along with particular soil conditions. For example, some plants like a sandy soil, where others prefer dirt that is rich in nutrients and holds water well. Soil requirements for lawn can vary based on the type of grass you plant as well.

It is best to check with a local nursery or garden center to learn what your lawn specifically requires. You can also pick up a soil test to make sure that your ground is providing the best balance for your lawn. The healthier your soil, the lower maintenance your lawn and landscaping care will be.

Next, you want to provide irrigation for your lawn. Water is a vital element, and few climates will provide sufficient water without supplemental irrigation. Most lawns require about an inch of rain per week. If you are in doubt as to whether Mother Nature is providing enough rain, you can use a rain gauge, and water your grass when necessary.

If you do turn to irrigation, always try to water in the early morning hours, since this is the healthiest time of day for your lawn to take a drink. Keep in mind that healthy roots will require less water, so aeration is an important step in caring for your lawn and landscape. Aeration pokes holes into the ground to allow nutrients access to the roots of your plantings. It should be done every two or three years.

Lawn care is a key factor in a beautiful landscape. A lush, green lawn can be the focal point of your yard and offer space for playing and entertaining. With a little effort, you can keep your lawn healthy for a long, long time.

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