Tips to Consider while Hiring a Norfolk Roofing Services Company

by Nate on August 29, 2010

Tips to Consider while Hiring a Norfolk Roofing Services Company

Tips to Consider while Hiring a Norfolk Roofing Services Company


Norfolk is one of those places in England with some exquisite homes. When it comes to looking after your home the most important part has to be the roof. Norfolk roofing companies are equipped with modern techniques when it comes to roofing. But the appearance of the roof may be destroyed by several factors that are natural or caused by neglect.


Reasons that cause damage to the roof


The most important thing one must determine while hiring a Norfolk roofing contractor is to find out if they are bonded, certified and licensed. The outcome of a natural calamity like a storm or cyclone calls for the services of a roofing company. Also shingle deterioration could be caused by the harmful ultra violet rays. Temperature extremes can result in expansion and contraction of shingles and they could also be blown off by strong wind. Accumulation of rain stress also weakens the roof.


Tips to Consider when hiring roofing contractors


Some do shoddy work, some are not insured and some work just to swindle money from clients. One must ensure that the Norfolk roofing contractor who is hired is knowledgeable about the techniques of construction, and all regulatory and safety requirements. A contractor who has local references is a better option. It is recommended to visit the houses where he has worked to determine the quality of work done. There are certain tips one may consider before hiring a contractor and these include the following:


(1)  Ensuring that the Norfolk roofing contractor has experience in the type of roofing material that is selected. References of similar job can be asked for.


(2)  All damages must be reported to the insurance company at the earliest and a contractor who agrees to work with the insurance company and adjuster must be hired.


(3)  Receiving estimates from several roofing contractors and conducting a comparison not only on the price but also on other details is necessary. Any professional roofing contractor generally performs a thorough inspection of the roof and documents his findings. Warranties must also be compared. The warranty is generally for one year.


(4)  A contract must be given in writing and a guarantee must be obtained for the roofer’s labor as well as manufacturer’s material.


(5)  The contract must be reviewed thoroughly before signing. The attorney should also review the terms of the contract. The contract must clearly specify start date and completion date, materials to be used, labor and material costs, site cleanup and work hours and payment schedule.


(6)  It is also important not to make the entire payment upfront. This ensures that there is no room given for the contractor to take undue advantage by way of excess time or any other factor.


The above mentioned are some of the general tips one must ensure before hiring a Norfolk roofing contractor. These points and a few more may be in need of customization as per the circumstances involved.

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