Roofing Contractors – Don’t Choose A Roofer Until You Read This Article

by Nate on May 6, 2010

Roofing Contractors – Don’t Choose A Roofer Until You Read This Article

Roofing Contractors – Don’t Choose A Roofer Until You Read This Article

Choosing contractors for most types of building services is tough enough but there are one or two additional factors that you should be aware of when it comes to choosing decent roofing contractors.

Why The UK Roofing Business Is A Tough Industry

Just to get the ball rolling let me tell you a few startling facts about the roofing industry. To start with I can tell you that 75% of new UK roofing companies go bust within the first three years. If that wasn’t bad enough I can tell you that roofing contractors have the highest rates for serious injury and death within the UK construction sector. Add the UK weather factor of rain, wind and snow and I can tell you that roofing contractors are forced to work in worse condition than any other building trade.

To sum up, roofing contractors suffer a huge risk of business failure; serious injury and death, have the worst working conditions and yet are way down the pay scales of the UK tradesmen.

Choosing Roofing Contractors – Key Factors

There are loads of building projects where the focus can be almost entirely based on costs. There are also quite a few where quality is the main focus.  Other times the key factors are dependability and reputation. However, when it comes to choosing roofing contractors the most important single characteristic has to be honesty and the reasons are simple enough to understand.

To start with you need to ask your self when was the last time you got up on your roof and walked around to inspect the coverings. If you’re like most of us I’m quite certain that you will have taken the roofer’s word for it after a bit of a look from across the road. A new roof or serious repairs amounts to a whole heap of money and in most cases you won’t be able to view the work. Given those facts you may be starting to understand why honesty is such an important characteristic for roofers.

Another point of course is the durability of the roof. You can’t always tell if a roof is done well by looking at it. You would need to see underneath to determine if everything has been done according to specification and of course that is not possible. Most of the other factors you can check out. For example you can check references to see what the work is like. You can chek with trade organizations – any decent roofing contractor is a member of either the NFRC or CORC.

Another point to check of course is to how long they have been in business. Clearly the best option is experience but you have to balance the options including the budget.


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