Roof Stains Cause Insurance Policy Problems

by Nate on May 19, 2010

Roof Stains Cause Insurance Policy Problems

Everyone knows that roof stains are ugly, and detract from the value of your home. We know the stains allow heat to build up in the house, causing the airconditioner to run longer, making energy bills higher.

But, now, the insurance industry is concerned about the appearance of your roof!!

Your insurance company can inspect your home anytime, and frequently it is a driveby inspection. Condition of home is noted, how well painted, chipping paint AND ROOF CONDITION!

YES, Roof Condition.

Insurance Inspectors note the condition of the roof, and report it back to the insurance company who will may require that your clean the roof, or threaten cancellation of your policy! Of course, if they cancel you, the next insurance company may not insure your home for the same reason.


Insurance companies actions confirm for us that they believe roof stains will lead to further problems with the roof integrity, roof mold, and the eventual movement of that mold inside the home. All of these items are ‘risks’ for the insurance company, because they may result in a claim against the policy.

What to do? Clean your roof before an inspector sees it!

Home inspections can occur at any time, however the most frequent triggers include:

* New Policy
* Annual Policy Renewal
* Change in coverage amounts
* Addition of riders

A Clean Roof makes contributes to neighborhood values, and good health.

Protect your family, roof, and insurance policy by including a Cleaner TODAY roof cleaner as part of annual maintenance.

You and your insurance company will appreciate it!

Roof Warrior spreads the message
‘Your Roof CAN be cleaned’.Clean roofs increase property

values and lower energy costs! A roof cleaning business can offer a much

needed service, and provide an 45k+ income.Roof Warrior and Cleaner TODAY ask you to join us in

spreading the word.

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