Roof Maintenance Tips

by Nate on March 27, 2011

Roof Maintenance Tips

The roof is one of the most essential parts of a home so must be properly maintained both for longevity, to give the home good resale value and perhaps even more importantly, to protect the inhabitants and their possessions. Part of this maintenance will be simple roof cleaning and roof painting. That may sound obvious, but it is important to clean the roof before it is painted or else the paint will simply peel off.

Tiles need cleaning to remove mould, mildew or moss build-up as well as atmospheric pollution, before any repainting is done. It is also important to check those areas such as around chimneys and whirlybirds to ensure they are still properly sealed. Ridge caps and valleys also need to be properly sealed to prevent leaks.

Other roof repairs may include replacing broken tiles, refixing loose tiles and replacing rusted guttering. If the roof is of corrugated iron or similar, then signs of rust should be watched for and treated as soon as they appear. Once rust is allowed to take hold it is much more difficult to control and the whole roof may need to be replaced.

Small leaks may go unnoticed if they do not penetrate the ceiling, but they will still be damaging the frame. Timber will rot after some years of having water drip down on it, and this could make the whole home unsafe. You will need to get up through the manhole and take a good look around to identify any signs of leaks coming in through the roof.

Such roof restoration will keep the home in good condition and it is cheaper in the long run to have it done regularly rather than let the roof get into deplorable condition and have to replace it. Eaves are also part of the roof and should be painted regularly to keep them in good condition and free of rot.

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