Roof Leak Reasons and Solutions

by Nate on December 30, 2010

Roof Leak Reasons and Solutions

We frequently notice black spot in some corner of our roofs. This is clear sign of roof defect. There are various reasons for the presence of roof leaks.


Presently there usually are in essence 3 factors any roof needs repair:


1.) The roof is nearing the point in time which it demands to be changed.


2.) There are various defects in materials or installation


3.) It has sustained a lot of weather injuries.


The proper diagnosis of roof leaking can fix the problem at far lesser cost.



Suppose the leaking is due to the first condition. In that case it’s advisable to take a brand new roof rather than upgrading the old roof. This will prevent one from recursive cost of rectifying the roof at regular interval. In case it is due to second reason, one can ask the roofing company to replace the existing material at no cost. Lastly, if the leak is due to last condition, then there’s not much to do. One can only ask the insurance company to reimburse the cost of fixing the roof through insurance coverage.


Whenever the roof leaks, it is mainly because of defects in the way it was installed. It is much more probable that the root cause is actually installation and not necessarily the roof materials. The most likely locations usually are exactly where the roofing material ends directly into something else. This would likely consist of chimneys, pipes, vents, skylights, wherever the roofing meets a wall (step flashing), valleys and roof transitions. Now there are lots of several other origins, still all these tend to be the most commonplace.


Any time contracting in order to have roof repair service projects undertaken it is a superb thought to explore if the particular licensed contractor is going to be giving you a warranty on the installation. Bear in mind that the actual manufacturer’s warranties aren’t going to protect an individual from defects in workmanship.

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