How to Repair Leaky Basements & Roofs

by Nate on March 5, 2011

How to Repair Leaky Basements & Roofs

In every season, households and offices face basement and roof damages. In Surrey, one can come across issues of leaking basements and roof drains. They need timely maintenance and should be repaired before any major loss is incurred because of them.

One can easily notice development of leaky basements in homes and offices with the presence of white powder material near the cracks of the basements walls and openings, dampness in walls (most common sign), effervescence etc.

Repair of damaged roofs, drainage systems and basements and outer walls can be done easily for different types of drainage, roofing or dampness issue. Some of the most common examples of leakage include cracks in walls, cracks in wall and floor joints, water seeping through joints or cracks, leaking roof drains, damaged basements walls and others.

The basements and roofs can be maintained easily through a few easy steps:

Regular Check

One must ensure regular checking of the basements, roofs, walls and concrete joints which are prone to leaks and fissures. Most homes and offices tend wear out after a period of 10-15 years. Hence, a checkup every 4-5 years is a must for proper maintenance.

Sealers and Repair Kits

There are sealers and repair kits available in the market for repair and filling up of cracks and fissures in the basements walls, basement and wall joints, roof drains, gutter systems etc.

Keep them Dry

One needs to keep their basements dry at all times. Any chance of water running into basements or leaky drainage systems can result in leaky basements and damage the foundation of the concrete system.


This is to a great extent one of the easiest ways of keeping your walls and homes waterproof and free from water damage. One can also aid this process by directing water away from homes and premises.

Lastly, a Roofing Expert

In case, one faces a badly damaged roof, drainage system and a leaking basement, then contacting an expert roofing and drainage contractor is a must. They have right experience, sealers, fillers and other useful kit to provide long-lasting results.







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