Hail from Atlanta? Choosing the Right Roofer

by Nate on November 3, 2010

Hail from Atlanta? Choosing the Right Roofer

Looking for a roofing company in Atlanta? The options have never been more plentiful particularly with the lack of regulations in the state. It’s important to remember that a roof doesn’t just protect you from the elements…it also has a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your property. And this is important when you go to sell it…one Atlanta’s “pastimes” based on soaring values over the last several years. With this in mind, I encourage you to take a little time to become familiar with the many options-

The first step is to determine your needs. Atlanta area weather can be extremely hot then extremely cold in the first few months of the year. This couple with precipitation produces a wide range of weather and demands that your roofing materials are very durable. There are a myriad of options today that didn’t exist even back in the 70′s. The internet is a good starting place to do a little research on all the different technologies available today.

The development of new materials and technologies isn’t the only thing that benefits consumers. The other thing is the ability to hire contractors at a good price these days…not only for their time but their ability to buy materials in bulk. Atlanta area roofing contractors also have a great deal of experience and offer generally good, honest advice.

So how does one find a good, reputable roofing vendor? Of course, there’s always the ages-old referral process where you ask your neighbors. But I honestly think that the internet has become just as valuable a tool…not only in researching the best options but for finding a good roofing partner. Another option is to look at your local chamber of commerce or inquire at the local roofing trade association. The contractors you find there will be those generally want to provide good service and are in it for “the long haul”.

So assuming you’ve found one that you really like, it’s important to do a little research to make sure that they have all the right credentials and that they operate to certain standards. Some important things to uncover is first whether they have insurance to insure their employees against injury. And you want to make sure they’re licensed as well. How about guarantees?

Do they offer manufacturer’s guarantees? How about guarantees for their own work? Finally, it’s good to check some references.

If you’ve made the decision to go ahead with them though, it’s not the end of the process. In order to make sure they have the ability to do a good job for you, make the job accessible for them…with clean grounds, access to all important areas, reviewing plans again before you start as well as during the work, etc. By setting them up in a helpful way, you’re setting everyone up for success!

Giovanni Rueda owns iRoof, an Atlanta roofing company that helps area homeowners with their roofing, siding and gutter needs. For more information on proper roof care go to the company’s website at
, or call 678-967-3489.

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