Deed Restriction Might Clean your Roof

by Nate on May 10, 2010

Deed Restriction Might Clean your Roof

Its only 5 Days into March and Home Owner Associations (HOA) are already busy at enforcing Deed Restrictions and/or covenant rules. Which rules? Rules most people don’t even know about. Restrictions governing the appearance of your ROOF SHINGLES. No I am not kidding!

Most people think about deed restrictions governing barking dogs and where the garbage cans are stored, but in Florida and other states, the “Home Appearance” clause now insists that your roof be ‘free of stains, algae or other unsightly distortions’.

Over the last several days I have spoken to a number of homeowners in a St Petersburg Florida development who have received letters telling them to Clean their roofs, or the neighborhood association would have them cleaned and send them the bill!

Why you ask? Its pretty simple actually, think about crab grass.

When your lawn is covered in crab grass, it looks bad, and property values may reflect the unattractive appearance. When you remove the crab grass from your lawn, and your neighbor doesn’t, well the crab grass ends back up in your lawn too! The whole neighborhood suffers.

Roof Stains are pretty much like crab grass, but much worse!

* Roof Stains are caused by an airborne algae that will spread from roof to roof (if everyone does not keep a clean roof, then no one will have a clean roof).

* Black streaks on your roof (which is the most visible part of the house) will make the house look bad, and everyone’s home then suffers a decrease in value.

* Roof Algae will lead to premature shingle failure.

* Worst of all, roof algae, can allow mold to get into a home creating ‘sick home’ syndrome.

The solution, 2 parts. First Clean your Roof. Second Block Stains from returning.

The Clean Roof Forever Plan gives you the tools to meet your deed restrictions, make your roof last as long as it should, and keep the house healthy.

Learn more about Clean Roof Forever at


Roof Warrior spreads the message ‘Your Roof CAN be cleaned’.Clean roofs increase property values and lower energy costs! A roof cleaning business can offer a much needed service, and provide an 45k+ income.Roof Warrior and Cleaner TODAY ask you to join us in spreading the word.

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