Certified Roofing – A Treatment to All Asbestos Infected Premises in Brisbane

by Nate on February 23, 2011

Certified Roofing – A Treatment to All Asbestos Infected Premises in Brisbane

If you have lived somewhere near Gold Coast or Brisbane in Australia you would know that more than one third of the houses here, which were built before 1987, have Asbestos material inside. And also that Asbestos is a dangerous material and there is no cure for the disease caused by Asbestos. There is no such thing like safe level of exposure to its deadly fibers.

It is a ‘duty of care’ of owners of these premises to either remove asbestos or at least minimize the risk of its exposure for the sake of their occupants. There are some roofing companies which have emerged as a viable solution provider to this hazardous substance. They remove asbestos from all commercial or residential premises. They are always updated with the latest legislation to deal with asbestos in Australia and provide safe, secure and legal solution to the owners.

FYI, Asbestos removal and disposal are regulated by Queensland laws. Due to its hazardous nature Asbestos must be removed and disposed by licensed professionals or contractors only. It is in welfare of the locals that the contractor be aware of and adheres to the legislations.

Before you decide to hire an Asbestos removing agency or company, make sure that:

- It has prior experience of removing asbestos from commercial / industrial or residential premises.
- It performs asbestos re-proofing jobs.
- It can tend your asbestos floors and walls properly.
- It is responsive to your calls and concerns.
- It is member of asbestos industry association
- It is licensed and insured to execute the job.
- It has proper certifications in health and safety measures.
- It has certified workers with high quality work environment.

Some of these asbestos remover agencies are certified insurance assessor, too. If so, this would give you an additional advantage in case you wish to claim the job from your insurance company.

You should ask for references from the contracting company and check those references personally to know if they really carried out the job without leaving their client into lurch. There are some reliable names, who have earned a good reputation by quality of their services, in Brisbane too. These companies offer roof repair, guttering, steel roof, metal roofing, color-bond roofing and other roofing services almost anywhere in Brisbane and other parts of Australia.

If you own a house or commercial property in Brisbane, Gold Coast or anywhere else in Australia which is a pre-1987 construction, it is high time you get it asbestos free and spare residents from deadly diseases. Even if you are a little far from Brisbane area, it is advisable to contact an asbestos remover or roofing company from Brisbane, obviously because of their experience and advanced re-roofing technologies. The last suggestion, but not least, is not to compromise with the safety of anyone. Remember that there is no cure for diseases caused by asbestos. The only solution is get it removed and disposed safely. For ever!

The mission of certified roofing is to provide the best roof repairs brisbane service in Australia. We specialise in metal roofing, guttering, leaf screen and repairs.

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