Brief On the Different Type Of Eco-Friendly Roofs

by Nate on October 17, 2010

Brief On the Different Type Of Eco-Friendly Roofs

The soaring energy costs and its eventual impact on the economy and environment have prompted us to consider energy saving seriously. Also, the growing environmental threat of global warming has worked as an incentive for the homeowners to go green. The demand for eco-friendly or green roofing therefore has grown over the years. You can now have a roofing company covert your home into an energy efficient abode.

There are now different types of eco-friendly roofing available in the market.

Solar roofs: Photovoltic (PV) cells are installed in the roof to make it energy efficient. The roofing material would convert the sun rays into solar energy which then can be consumed by the household. You may need to search for a roofing company which has specialised in installing solar energy efficient roofs.

Insulated roofs: The roof of a house is the outer most protection against environmental heat. The roofing company would use insulation material which would keep your home warm during winter and cold during summer, thus help you save heater and air conditioning expenses respectively. Hence, you can save money on the energy bills by installing insulated roofs. This reason has made roof replacement valid for many homeowners during home improvement.

Coloured roofs: Light coloured roofs would reflect most of the sun rays during days and keep your house cool. Similarly, dark coloured roofs would absorb energy and increase the indoor temperature. You can ask roofing services to install light coloured shingles in your roof if you are living in densely populated urban area, where environmental temperature tends to be more than rural areas.  

Metal reflective roofs: The metal roofs are made of recycled metals and are increasingly becoming a popular choice for roof replacement. The metal roof would have dual impact on the environment. First, it would reflect most of the sun rays and therefore would keep the indoor cool. This roofing material is also fire resistant and pest resistant. Further, these roofs are produced out of recycled materials thus helping with waste management.

Reflective white roofs: The Roofing services would use white fluid color to paint the roof. A white roof is known to reflect the most of the sun rays and thus helps the household to save on the air condition expenses. It is also the cost effective way of eco-friendly roof installation.

Since more and more households are trying to cut cost on their energy bills, energy efficient homes would likely fetch higher price than general roofing in the coming days. Eco-friendly roof installation is also cost effective. The photovoltic cells installed in the roof may have a life span of 30 years. Unlike shingles, which require frequent roof replacement, the green roofing material would ensure longevity too.

Now for over a decade, Bob Rutherford has been associated with the roofing industry. He is also an evangelist of energy efficient roofing.He has authored many online articles spreading awareness on benefits of green roofing.

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