Why Use A Junk Removal Service

by Nate on September 1, 2010

Why Use A Junk Removal Service

That pile of rubbish can surely be piled in the car and driven to the waste center is what many a homeowner might think. However when you are dealing with several types of junk then disposing of it properly in the prescribed manner can become an issue and never mind the trying to manhandle it into a skip. Some jobs are just too large or just too annoying to attempt without the aid of professionals.

What Kind of Junk Do You Have?

First, determine your junk types in order to determine if you require or desire a junk removal service. If you have only a single item that can easily be loaded into the car and driven to the center, then perhaps not. However, office clearance, garden clearance and keeping a home tidy require a lot more than just a single trip with a small item.

Junk removal services should be environmentally friendly. It is a growing concern among many people and there are laws as regards disposal of certain types of junk. Junk removal services should also be established businesses that are licensed and comply with all regulations as regards disposal of waste and rubbish.

Often junk removal services will come into the home or business or to the construction site and remove the items; in that case, they should also be bonded and insured. What you do not want is some dodgy company coming in and scraping the paint and then flying off or worse dumping your junk by the side of the road.

It is usually best to select a business that recycles everything possible. It might not go into a shredder and becomes a new item, in some cases that old junk can be reused for a local charity or refurbished but the whole aim is to extend the life of the material and reduce any adverse environmental impacts from disposal.

Get an Estimate for Your Junk Removal

Junk removal companies should be able to give estimates before removal, however beware if you get a flat rate before they see your junk. Every type of material requires different disposal, to appropriately dispose of some may cost more, and large items may require more trips. Estimates should be done per job; flat rates mean you may well be paying more than you need to have your junk removed.

Know What Junk Can Be Removed and What is Considered Hazardous Waste

Know what can be removed by a junk removal company and what is not permitted. Most junk removal companies cannot remove materials that are considered hazardous such as chemicals. Ask before you engage the junk removal company because some materials considered hazardous such as electronics and PCs can be removed by a reputable junk removal company.

By doing a little research on the junk removal company and checking references, you can avoid back strain, save time, save money and dispose of your junk with knowing it will be destroyed, reused, or recycled in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Sometimes it is just better to have the experts take care of junk removal.

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