What to do with your Junk in Madison Wisconsin?

by Nate on July 2, 2011

What to do with your Junk in Madison Wisconsin?

Junkshuttle based in Waukesha Wisconsin since 1999 has brought their green friendly junk removal approach to Madison Wisconsin.  For the price of a dumpster rental.  Junkshuttle will provide two junk haulers to service your junk removal needs.  They provide appliance removal, furniture removal, electronics removal etc.  all in a green friendly way.  They recycle more than half of each full load of junk.  They are considerably more affordable than their national franchised competitor.  Junkshuttle began servicing Southeastern Wisconsin residents when the construction trade slowed down.  They had been doing significant amounts of construction cleanup work and then entered the junk removal business.  Since then they have serviced areas in Waukesha, Kenosha, Racine, Fox Point, Washington county and everywhere in between.  Their rates are publicly published on their website at Junkshuttle.com. Put in your zip code and their junk removal prices come up instantly with load size references for easy price calculating.  Madison junk removal now has a green friendly source for Madison residents to choose from.  Madison WI residents can contact Junkshuttle at 608-228-JUNK (5865)

Madison Wisconsin Junk Removal: Green Friendly Junk Removal Service
Madison now has a Junk removal company that recycles or donates customers junk and offers the customer a tax write off donation receipt for items they take to Goodwill or other donation sites. Junkshuttle unlike dumpster rental companies diverts half or more of its junk loads from Madison area Landfills.

You can also contact junk shuttle by emailing info@junkshuttle.com



Junkshuttle thanks Madison area residents in advance for the chance to serve them.


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