Major Home Renovations Call for Roll-Off Garbage Bins

by Nate on August 16, 2011

Major Home Renovations Call for Roll-Off Garbage Bins

The high cost of new homes is causing a lot of families to reconsider their plans to relocate and go for renovation instead. Home improvement on this scale causes a greater than expected amount of garbage during the deconstruction and reconstruction phases of the project. This requires a roll-off garbage bin, the most efficient waste removal method for home construction projects.

There are many restrictions on waste removal in established neighborhoods so that the junk removal effort doesn’t inconvenience the residents or the city. When you order a dumpster rental service to deliver one to you it normally goes onto the driveway or lawn. When the bin is removed it could damage the surfaces. Lawns are easier to repair so very often the bin is placed on the grass. When placed in the driveway it’s a good idea to lay down plywood over two-by-fours to support the bin and protect the pavement. Many up-to-date companies use bins with rollers on the bottom to make it a snap to pull away the full bin without scraping the driveway to bits.


Some houses have limited space and need to have part of the bin on city property, in which case a permit would be required. Care should be taken because there are fines for damaging sidewalks, curbs, or trees. Needless to say, liquids should be contained and separated for there are special waste removal methods for things like motor oils and other liquids that can leak and flow onto the neighbors’ property, or worse yet the city’s domain. Remember that the trash bins will be there for months in many cases and rain will wear away at whatever is in the bin, turning many substances into sludge.

You may be surprised at the mounting pile of rubbish that never seems to end. Old furniture, appliances, household items, and scrap metal can all be recycled, as well as drywall, electronics, cardboard, paper, packaging, roofing materials, etc. Other materials need more care: paint, motor oils, chemicals, and asphalt should be separated for special handling due to varying degrees of toxicity. Much of the refuse will be wood and metal, always good for recycling. Trash removal gets more green-conscious all the time for garbage can be turned into money and the handling of thrown-away material has always been big business. It’s a bonus that there are environmentally-friendly ways to dispose of junk and construction waste.

The cost-effectiveness of the roll-off trash bin makes it convenient for the homeowner performing an extended renovation; rather than have numerous truckloads haul it away one load at a time, the bin can be opened up for walk-in access or placed in a position where materials can be thrown out of the window from a higher floor straight into the dumpster. Similarly, the wall can be ripped out and you can nail down a junk chute for extra-fast dumping. We’ve all seen these mammoth projects down the street that never seem to end, with the dumpster in the drive and a chute coming out of the side of the house. Before anyone realizes it, the renovation is complete. Ultimately the final clean-up will clear away all the yard waste, wood scraps, tiling, fixtures, plaster, plywood, appliances, cans, bottles, and thousands of other bits of scrap that just has to disappear before you can enjoy your newly renovated and suddenly beautified home.


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