High Risk of Disease with Improper Junk Removal

by Nate on May 18, 2011

High Risk of Disease with Improper Junk Removal

In order to keep ourselves healthy, it is important to keep our homes and nearby surrounding clean and green. And waste removal plays effective role in this regard.  More the environment is clean; less will be the risk of exposure to disease.

Certain points are there which if one considers; risk of disease can be minimized. Such points are:

Check before rubbish disposal

Different kinds of waste come with different kinds of health problems. Bio waste and medical waste is found with biological material which may contain internal tissue or blood. And it is very important to dispose such waste to avoid any kind of infection. Even, risk of spreading disease is also increased with some kind of household waste which is comprised of deposits of mold. And in this regard, one can clear the doubt by checking the waste with the help of local authorities before disposing.

Pathogens in the environment

Pathogens like bacteria, virus etc are agent of diseases which are found in wastes and results in causing certain diseases. Wastes can be called as breeding place of pathogens from where they reach to high population either through rat, bird or perhaps human exposed to waste. Of particular concern, one major pathogen is virus which creates high risk of hepatitis and HIV which can lead one to face tuberculosis.

It is important to go for proper disposal to avoid serious health problems. Proper disposal methods are needed to follow by one and all to remain healthy. Some of chief concerns regarding disposal of wastes are:

Rubbish removal regulations

One needs to go through disposal regulations of the place where one is residing. Moreover, one is also required to dispose the product in the way it comes with disposal instructions. It would not be healthy and safe to throw used battery, inverter etc anywhere. Release of harmful chemicals of battery etc can lead one to face serious respiratory problems. And thus one should follow proper disposal regulations and methods.

Reporting to authorities

We all live in a society and so it is our duty to report to local authorities if any improper disposal is noticed. This will help in getting rid of waste properly to avoid any impact on health and surrounding as well.

This would not be wrong to say that it depends on us to keep ourselves and our environment clean and safe. The only thing which requires is to think for proper disposal of wastes and to help local authorities, waste management companies and other bodies who have been working for waste disposal effectively.

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