Get Ready for Your Appliance and Furniture Removal

by Nate on June 26, 2011

Get Ready for Your Appliance and Furniture Removal


If you’re tired of walking through your home and noticing that broken fridge in the basement or that worn out love-seat in the guest bedroom, then contact a junk removal company to schedule an appointment. Stephen Shropshier is the operations manager at Haul That Matters, a dedicated junk removal company in Columbia, South Carolina, and according to Shropshier, a fair amount of his business comes from people looking for appliance and furniture removal.


Owning a house enables you to store your fair share of belongings – including those items that you don’t actually need, use, or even want. From rarely-touched gadgets to assorted trinkets you’ve accumulated over the years, if you’re like most people, then your house is probably full of items you’d never really miss if they were to mysteriously get thrown away.


If your home is currently filled with appliances that no longer work and furniture that you haven’t used in years, then you should consider calling in a junk removal company to haul these items away and free up some much-needed space. While the right company can make the whole process of removal a simple task, to prepare for your pickup, you’ll still have to do the following:


Measure Each Unwanted Item

Although your junk removal company should be able to handle household appliances of any size, if you have numerous items or several that are oversized, then the job could end up requiring multiple trips. At Haul That Matters, our philosophy is that we’re willing to haul away anything and everything (other than flammable items) that will physically fit on the back of our truck, and if multiple trips are required, then so be it. However, it is an industry standard for junk haulers to charge by the load, so by telling your junk removal company the size and shape of each item you’re looking to eliminate before your appointment, you’ll be increasing your chances of minimizing the number of trips you’ll need to get the job done.


Take Inventory

If you’re bringing in a team of professionals to haul away an unwanted appliance or piece of furniture, then you might as well use the opportunity to rid yourself of some of the larger boxes in your collection of untouched junk, too. Prior to your scheduled pickup, take inventory and decide which items you’re willing to part with once and for all. After you make up your mind, contact your junk removal company to ensure that everything you’re looking to get rid of will actually fit on its truck. If you’re having multiple appliances or larger furniture pieces removed, then there is the possibility of running out of room – at which point, you may or may not want to pay to have an additional load hauled away.


Clear a Path to Large Items

A good junk removal company will do its best to haul away your unwanted items – no matter how large they are – without damaging your home in the process. To reduce your chances of something going wrong, clear a path to the appliances and furniture you’re looking to get rid of before your junk haulers arrive. This way, they’ll be less likely to trip over or bang into something in their way, thereby causing damage to your home.


Donate Functional Items to Charitable Organization

Just because you no longer have any use for a particular appliance or piece of furniture doesn’t mean that someone less fortunate won’t want it. If you have an old sofa that is worn but functional, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try donating it to a charitable organization. Similarly, if you’re looking to get rid of your old washing machine because it’s simply not as fast and efficient as the new model you just bought, then you should tell your junk haulers to try dropping it off for charity. As long as your appliances are functional and your furniture items are structurally sound, there’s a good chance that someone out there will be able to benefit from them.


While you might think that the idea of hauling away appliances and furniture sounds complicated, as long as you choose the right junk haulers, the process is actually a piece of cake. So rather than struggle for space in your home, make the call and get ready to bid those unwanted items farewell.


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