Fresno California: Green Friendly Junk Disposal

by Nate on July 13, 2011

Fresno California: Green Friendly Junk Disposal

On September 20, 2005, the Fresno City Council adopted a Mandatory Recycling Ordinance. The adoption, in effect, requires as of October 29, 2005, all residential and commercial property owners within the City limits to have recycling services. Failure to adopt and implement this ordinance would have resulted in a Compliance Order against the City with potential penalties of up to ,000 per day for non-compliance.

Junkshuttle is a company that is dedicated to the recycling goals Fresno has set for itself.  Fresno residents now have a choice when it comes to disposing their unwanted refuse.  Traditionally residence would have to rent a dumpster if they had significant junk to remove, and the bulk of it would go straight into the landfill.  Junkshuttle is a company that provides a green friendly alternative to junk removal and disposal.

Junkshuttle’s President explains:

“The first problem with dumpster rentals is that much of the junk you intend to throw away is not allowed in the landfill.  Items such as Electronic devices often contain hazardous materials which should not be land filled or incinerated. These toxins include: Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium, and Brominated Flame Retardants. Refrigerators need Freon to be removed before recycling occurs.  Tires, fluorescent bulbs, dehumidifiers etc. are normally banned also.

Given the limited nature of this type of disposal method, Junkshuttle has provided a green friendly alternative to dumpster rental/disposal with a price that is typically comparable to dumpster rentals.

Dumpsters containing commingled debris go straight into the landfill.  With our junk removal service, residents of Fresno are able choose a green friendly approach for their junk removal at prices that tend to be comparable to a dumpster rental, and they get the added benefit of Junkshuttle’s labor.  Our junk haulers sort your unwanted junk in such a way that items such as paper, cardboard and metal are recycled.  Reusable items are taken to locations such as Goodwill.  E-waste is also taken to Goodwill where it is either reused or taken apart and recycled.  Overall we are able to save half or 3/4 of our loads from entering the landfills.  This saves us money by limiting disposal costs, and helps the environment by the same token.  In cases where Fresno resident’s items are denotable, our junk haulers will pass the donation receipt back to the client to use as a tax write off.”

Junkshuttle posts its prices on their website at: and when you compare the volume of their truck to the volume of a dumpster rental, the prices are fairly comparable, and you get the added benefit of the extra muscle they provide for larger items like furniture removal and appliance removal. They only charge for the volume of debris they haul away so with small loads this is often your better alternative to an expensive dumpster that would go largely unfilled.

If you’re moving and have an estate clean out coming up or in home sales and have a foreclosure cleanout or simply have debris around your house to get rid of; Junkshuttle is a green friendly alternative for your rubbish removal.



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