Environmental Friendly Junk Disposal Resource

by Nate on July 9, 2011

Environmental Friendly Junk Disposal Resource

Waste Management practices have altered course significantly in the last 15 years or so and more changes are on the way; however we are dedicated to finding out what works for the environment and what does not work. .

By the last official measure in 2005, Americans recycle an estimated 32 percent of their total waste, which averages nearly a ton per person per year. Our recycling efforts save the greenhouse gas equivalent of removing 39.6 million cars from the road- as reported by Discover Magazine. Most of this type of waste recycling came about with the combination of changes in state law due to lobbying efforts, but more so do to the profit motive.

Scarce raw materials have made recycling a lucrative industry.  However many states lag behind their counterparts by failing to institute new technology which is a combination of state law not being a catalyst for such change and new technology not entering smaller markets fast enough.

In the past, before recycling was even in its infancy- two phrase terms described virtually all types of waste management:  garbage removal and rubbish removal.  Rubbish removal has become some what of an antiquated term- in fact I can’t tell you how many people searching for a junk pick up service or dumpster rental have no idea where to find these services in a phone book.  Most phone books continue to use the term rubbish removal and miss half their audience.  A new set of terms are at play- partially do to the emergence of 1 800 Got Junk, the international franchise that has branded junk removal as the new rubbish removal term.

If you are a professional in this industry you are able to realize that all these term phrases, although falling under a similar umbrella, are defined quite uniquely.  We are devoted to generating information regarding intelligent waste management which will include all terminology relating to waste management including:  junk removal, junk pick up, recycling, hazardous waste removal, rubbish removal, waste removal, trash removal and garbage removal, reuse etc.  To find our more information about intelligent junk removal and recycling or to find a junk hauler in your area that practices environmentally friendly junk removal practices, please contact us at http://www.junkshuttle.com.


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