Deal With Foreclosed Homes by Hiring a Junk Removal Company

by Nate on December 20, 2010

Deal With Foreclosed Homes by Hiring a Junk Removal Company


Stephen Shropshier is the operations manager of Haul That Matters, a company dedicated to serving all of Columbia, South Carolina’s junk removal needs, and according to him, the right team of junk haulers can turn an otherwise cluttered and undesirable foreclosed property into one that truly has the potential to become a nice place to live.


While more stringent lending requirements are being implemented today, years ago it seemed as though almost anyone could qualify for a mortgage no matter how much money he actually earned. Unfortunately, such loose lending habits soon came back to bite banks – and homeowners – where it hurts, and as a result, the housing market today is chock full of foreclosed properties that banks are just itching to unload.


The Process Can Be Challenging

From both a seller’s and buyer’s perspective, dealing with a foreclosed home can be challenging. On the seller’s end, a foreclosed property will often be left in fairly bad shape, thereby making it much less appealing to potential buyers. And since no bank actually wants to hold onto a property that it has foreclosed, actually cleaning it out and turning it into something marketable can be both time-consuming and costly.


From a buyer’s perspective, purchasing a foreclosed home can be a bit of a risk too. After all, if the previous owners ran out of money to the extent that they were unable to pay their mortgage, then no one knows what other aspects of home maintenance they managed to neglect. And although the appeal of buying a foreclosed property lies in the fact that it can often be purchased at a deep discount, it can be difficult for the average buyer to look past the less than stellar shape of a home whose previous owners essentially abandoned it, albeit perhaps not by choice.


A Good Junk Removal Company Can Help

Fortunately, when it comes to dealing with foreclosed properties on both the buyer’s and seller’s ends, a good junk removal company can help. In my experience, when a bank forecloses on a property, it essentially becomes responsible for getting it into decent enough shape to sell. After all, no bank wants to hang onto a foreclosed home for the long run, as this will only cost more money. The problem with foreclosures is that in many cases, the previous owners of any given property will leave a fair amount of their junk behind, not caring what happens to it one way or another. When this happens, the leftover junk becomes the responsibility of the bank.


If the bank wants to be able to sell the property to someone else, it must do something to get rid of the leftover belongings because first impressions are truly key when it comes to selling a home. If a potential buyer comes to look at a foreclosed property that is cluttered with the last owner’s junk, but is otherwise in good shape, then he’s going to have a hard time seeing past that collection of junk to appreciate the value inherent in the rest of the home. In this type of situation, the average buyer is likely to pass on a decent-looking property. To prevent this sort of thing from happening, a bank can simply hire a junk removal company to clear out the premises before it puts the property back on the market, making for a much smoother sales process.


On the other hand, I have also seen situations where buyers have agreed to purchase foreclosed properties, leftover junk and all, in exchange for highly discounted prices. When a new buyer moves into a foreclosed home, the last thing he’s going to want to do is deal with the previous owner’s junk while attempting to unpack and organize his own belongings. And in some cases, the presence of leftover furniture and appliances – items that don’t tend to be small in nature – can serve as a physical impediment to the process of moving in. In these types of scenarios, a good junk removal company can come in, haul away a collection of unwanted junk, furniture, or appliances, and make the process of settling in far easier on the buyer.


While lending standards are becoming stricter today to reduce the chances of future foreclosures on such a widespread level, foreclosed properties are still abundant in today’s market. Whether you’re dealing with a foreclosed house on the seller’s end or from a buyer’s perspective, you should realize that the right junk removal company can help you through the process by turning an otherwise cluttered, abandoned lot into a place that somebody can truly call home.


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