Clean and Sanitize your Home, Get Rid of those Junk!

by Nate on July 4, 2011

Clean and Sanitize your Home, Get Rid of those Junk!

Sanitation and cleanliness should not only be a personal regimen but a practice in the house. Each member of the family must learn how to maintain cleanliness in order to prevent the spread of diseases. It is a must for us to clean the entire home and make sure that we disinfect those areas that are prone to germs, bacteria, mildew and viruses. However, even though we exert our effort to clean almost every part of the house, there are still instances wherein we see cockroaches, insects and other pests inside our homes. This may be because of the junk that is piled up in our basement, at the backyard or the kitchen.

Those pests carry germs, bacteria and viruses that can cause severe harm to your family. The primary place where these pests usually go is in the kitchen because they see food every where. The small particles of food attract cockroaches, rats and other pests that carry viruses, bacteria and germs. Since the kitchen contributes greater percentage of junk, many household opt to seek professional help by hiring a junk removal or junk hauling company just like Virginia junk removal and junk hauling, DC junk removal and junk hauling, Fairfax junk removal and junk hauling and other that will remove all the junk that is stored in the basement, garage or in the backyard. Those junks that are piled up tremendously attract pests to come inside our homes.

The sponge or dish towel must be clean and kept dry because if it is left soaked in dirty water, millions of germs will build up. The sponge and dish towel can carry molds and other microorganisms. There are a lot of means on how we can clean or sanitize the sponge as well the dish towel. One way to do it is to soak it into the water and then put it on the microwave to extreme heat. Another way to maintain its cleanliness is to let it dry on a dishwasher’s drying cycle. The cutting boards can also cause cross contamination and the spread of bacteria. It is essential that we cut fruits raw meat and vegetables separately using other cutting boards. Doing so will help prevent the spread of E-coli and Salmonella, these are bacteria that cause diarrhea, UTI or urinary tract infection, typhoid fever and other food borne diseases.

Aside from those that were mentioned above, the counter top can also attract insects and other pests. It must be a rule of thumb that after we prepare or cook, we should immediately clean and sanitize the counter top in order to prevent flies, cockroaches and other microorganism carrying pests to come in. The best cleaning agent that we can apply to our counter top are solutions that can kills germs, mildew and other forms of microorganisms that  causes diseases. Another part of of our home that must be cleaned properly is the bed room. Cleaning the bedroom will avoid the presence of dust and dust mites as well as bed bugs. The pillow case and the bedding must be washed weekly or as often as possible. In addition, we should also refrain from bringing inside our bedroom our pets like dogs or cats because they also carry microbes that can cause diseases.

One of the most salient part of the house that must be clean and sanitized regularly is the toilet or the bathroom. We should sanitize the toilet bowl itself, the flush and the tiles must also be sprayed with disinfectants or they must be cleaned with water, soap and bleach. Viruses like Rotavirus, Rhinovirus, and Trichophyton can cause disease like severe diarrhea and skin diseases like the athlete’s foot and ring worm. These viruses live for several days; therefore, it is truly vital for us to sanitize the bath room and toilet every day.

Nowadays, since the world has a lot of contaminants, it is extremely necessary that we maintain the cleanliness and sanitation inside and outside our homes. As an example, the sheer first thing that we touch whenever we arrive from work is the doorknob. Since our hands can also carry microorganisms, we can also become part or reason for the spread of germs and bacteria or viruses. The doorknob has a lot of Staphylococcus that causes food poisoning and infection. Even the wall, the rugs, the carpets, and sofa can also be a place where microbes can take place, in this regard we need to clean and sanitize them too.

In summary, every part of our home must be cleaned and sanitized properly. All junks must be removed because they can attract flies, cockroaches, rats and other pests that carry a lot of germs and microorganisms that carry certain diseases or illnesses. If the junk cannot be handled by the members of the family or if we do not want our hands to get dirty, we can hire a junk removal company to do the job. To get rid of junks in the home is an excellent way to drive those pests away.

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