Brooklyn Junk Removal – Call Cleanout Express, your Trash Removal Company!

by Nate on January 30, 2011

Brooklyn Junk Removal – Call Cleanout Express, your Trash Removal Company!

Don’t know what to do with your junk?Irritated with those rubbish things hanging around your beautiful house? Cleanout Express, the Brooklyn junk removal is the answer.

What is Cleanout Express?

Cleanout Express is Brooklyn’s Numero Uno junk, trash, and rubbish removal company since 1997. We have been rendering exemplary services in Brooklyn, NYC and have earned absolute compliments from satisfied customers.

What makes Cleanout Express Successful?

Our company relied only on what we believe in and stand for – which is built on the profound foundation of these three words “WE TRULY CARE”. Motivated with these words, coax us to perform our duties with utmost sincerity which in turn consistently exceeds customer’s satisfaction. Customer’s satisfaction is what we are here for. We deal with professionalism at removing all your unwanted trash, garbage, unwanted material and rubbish things in Brooklyn, NY. We serve anyone who needs our care, whether you are an establishment, moving out, renovating, or just someone who wants to get rid of rubbish in your home. Cleanout Express is always at your back to help you attain a spacious and desirable healthy environment.

Creating a clean environment and hauling all trash in the area is our passion. We are a friendly environment company that is why we recycle 60% of the materials or trash we gather from our clients and dispose those cannot be recycled materials with discreet safety measures. We remove and dispose trash and garbage with strict compliance to the waste management rules and regulations.

We purge almost anything found in garages, basements, and attics from boxes of old toys along with papers, furniture, exercise equipment, construction debris, old tires, yard waste, electronics, old carpets or just about anything you wanted out of your sight. We make Brooklyn easy to clean! Brooklyn junk removal is our priority.

Find out more what cleanout express can do.

There’s more to that than just cleaning…. We do not just remove garbage’s and rubbish things, we also clean up construction debris before and after building or renovating a building – saving you the hassles of getting a dumpster permit and renting dumpster.

We put effort in servicing our clients an extra mile aiding them to save time, money, and effort. We know how important it is to keep surrounding areas clean and organized especially in construction sites which is prone to safety hazard and annoyed neighbors.

Cleanout Express also helps businesses and office buildings get rid of their trash. We offer great cleaning packages to local businesses in taking care of their clutters.

Cleanout Express is always ready to serve you.

We are always on the go when help is needed, call us at 718.658.0979. We guarantee 95% completion in 24 hours making us the perfect solution to your immediate trash problem.

We accommodate scheduling at your convenience to avoid disrupting a day’s work. Flexibility is the key to a good business relationship.

For more Brooklyn junk removal services that you might need, click on to our website Find out more of our services and areas that we can serve.


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