3 benefits of starting a foreclosure cleaning business

by Nate on August 5, 2010

3 benefits of starting a foreclosure cleaning business

Foreclosure is something occurring all over America right now. The current economic status has caused many people much difficulty when it comes to handling money. With living costs rising, even those who are able to keep their jobs find it tough to stay afloat. With the real estate prices crashing everywhere, why not start a business based on cleaning up foreclosures. Here are three reasons why this is the perfect time to begin your journey to self employment.

Cleaning foreclosures is in demand by lenders, especially the banks

A popular blog posted an article entitled “Start Your Own Home Cleanup Business for Foreclosed Homes” said this the following about cleaning foreclosures: the banks are looking to unload the pieces of property with the condition that they do not lose money in the transaction. Unfortunately, the current condition of most houses will not allow a sale anywhere near the current market price. Thus the bank often slashes the price on those pieces of property to unload it as soon as possible.

Since the process of foreclosing a home costs the bank quite a bit of money, they resort to hiring a foreclosure cleanup company to help tidy up the place. This involves cleaning and also making minor repairs to the house to get them in good shape again in the hopes of increasing the selling price and making it easier to unload (sell).

The business of cleaning foreclosures has a bright future

This is the kind of business that is able to thrive during a recession since the demand for it increases when foreclosure becomes even more rampant. At other times, it is still able to function well.

While your main focus is in foreclosure cleanups in tough economic situations, houses still need to be maintained at other times. This allows a constant demand for your services and you may offer them to all sorts of banks, realtors and even real estate investors. You may even market yourself providing a junk hauling business, a property maintenance company or even provide service to maintain the lawn.

So long as trading real estate occurs, there is a demand for your services as a foreclosure cleanup business.

Cleaning up foreclosures is simple and easy for part timers

You can still keep your day job and run the cleanup business on the side. Most jobs can be completed within a day or two depending on the homes. So it is very possible to schedule the jobs in the evenings and even on the weekends.

Also, if you manage to find good help, you may outsource the tasks and still be able to make a profit. You may take on the job of a manager instead of being a hands-on operator. This way you may broaden your services and take in more jobs.

With the proper research and some determination, starting a business based on cleaning up foreclosed properties is really simple. With foreclosures occurring everywhere and becoming more rampant, this is the perfect time to start it up and make some money during a recession.

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